A graphic designer, a paramedic, and a pastor walk into a church…

As many of your are probably aware, Suzanne and I are getting married. I know, shocker right? Well, being the internet domain master that I am (I own far too many web domain names), I had the idea to reserve jonandsuze.com for us a month or so ago. I really had no plans for it at the time, I just felt like it was better to have it than not have it.

Suzanne and I both have experience blogging and have maintained personal blogs for quite some time. Neither of us have been too prolific at it, but it’s always fun to have an outlet when you feel like sharing something from your life. When I mentioned to Suzanne the other night that I owned this domain name, she asked what for. The best idea that I had was to combine our personal blogs into one blog about the two of us and our “Adventures in life.” She seemed up for it. So here it is!

So what is our goal with this blog? I’m not 100% sure and I’m positive that it will evolve as we get into our lives. Suzanne and I are about to embark on this great adventure called life together and what I expect is that we will share things we learn, things we love, and things that might interest other people. I expect we will share some tidbits from our life as we adjust from being two single people to one married couple. I am quite looking forward to that in just under 47 days.