A God-thing

Jon has decided it would be a neat idea if we were to combine each of our personal blogs into one. As we are 45 days away from getting married (yay!), we are about to embark on a new adventure as we go from two single people as a married couple. I am excited beyond belief about beginning this new chapter of my life with my amazing fiancé!

It has been simply amazing to see how things have just “fallen into place” for us over the past several years. If you go to the “About Us” section, you can see our story of friendship, drifting apart, reuniting as friends, beginning to date, getting engaged and now preparing for marriage. Seeing as when we met, neither of us were currently being homeschooled but were invited into a group of (then) mostly current homeschoolers, it was neat to see how we were brought together by a common link in each of our histories. As Jon alludes to in the “About Us” section, as much as I loved being around Jon, he was super-irritating to me in one specific way: his sense of humor. While it was not particularly bad, it was a very familiar sense of humor I had known for many years. In many ways, Jon and my dad shared a lot of the same bits of humor. Having grown up with it, I was tired of it. Additionally, not having known Jon for long, I could not truly distinguish between “kidding” and “serious” in the jokes. Fast forward a few years down the road when we were barely talking. We would see each other and exchange greetings but nothing more than that.

During this time, I decided I wanted to finish my bachelor’s degree. As much as I love working as a paramedic, I realize that this is not a job that I can do for forever. This job is exceptionally physically and emotionally draining. I, being as injury prone as I am, have difficulty making it through a shift without getting bruised, rolling an ankle or scraping my arm on something. As far as I am concerned, this job is difficult to be in while having a family. That, God-willing, is something that I want to do. I want to have a family with my husband. Working 24-hour shifts really does not appeal to me once I have children. So, the way to get into a job with at least a semi-regular schedule is to finish my degree – which I will do in just over three weeks as six and a half years of work toward my undergraduate degree culminates with graduation on May 7. Upon visiting a friend who attends Appalachian, I fell in love with the campus. Never, in my wildest dreams, did I think I would go to school at App. I thought that I would continue to work on my degree on a part-time basis while I worked a full-time schedule as a paramedic. However, I fell in love with the campus and decided that I would apply to the school and see if I got in. I did. I would resign my full-time position and cut back to part-time, which I still work, and prepare to move to Boone.

Meanwhile, Jon was contemplating returning to Appalachian for round 2 of school there. He had begun his college career there nearly five and a half years ago and left after deciding he really had no idea what he wanted to do. A mere two months after I had made my trip to Appalachian, Jon and I met up again at the wedding of two of our friends, both from the “homeschool group”. We, for the first time in a while, began talking again about life and school and what was going on with us. We each realized that the other was also looking to head to Appalachian for school. A coincidence? I think not.

Over the next few weeks and months, we began talking more and more with each other. As the summer approached, I needed to head to Boone to sign the lease for my apartment. I am not a huge fan of long car trips by myself, so I asked Jon if he would like to accompany me on the trip. As Jon says, we made it through the trip there and back without killing each other – something that a year earlier probably would not have happened. We talked pretty much the entire 3 hours each way and, after we got back to his house, sat on the porch for a while and talked some more.

From there out, we began to spend more and more time with each other. We went to the theatre to see films, went bowling (something I hadn’t done in YEARS), enjoyed some meals together and went out to the park for some walks. As Jon calls it, we “fell into” dating. And then, it was time for school. I was off to Boone while Jon was still at home. That semester, however, I was home quite often under the guise of “work”. While I was coming home to actually work, it also gave me a great excuse to come and see Jon.

For my second semester, was able to make the journey to Boone for school. Over Christmas break, he learned that he was accepted to the university, but the trick was that he had nowhere to live. The deciding factor whether he would be at App that semester was if he was able to get on campus housing. The week after Christmas, Jon got the email that said he had a space in on campus housing. He was going to App!

Just a year after he received the notification of getting on campus housing, Jon proposed. He made the proposal on December 30, 2010 – and then he left the country the next day. (I mean…really? Propose and then hop to another country?? He did come back, so I suppose its forgivable.) During the few days that he returned to his homeland (Canada), I was a busy little beaver. I went to a wedding show and purchased my wedding gown, all the while making all kinds of plans. When he got back, I think he was a little shocked to see what had been done…

Thankfully, my super-excitement did not frighten him away from me nor shy him away from wanting to get married. We quickly set a date and managed to get a lot of planning down within the first three weeks of being engaged. I can confidently say that within those three weeks, pretty much every major thing was planned. I had a dress, the venue and date were set, we had a caterer and photographer and a wonderful friend agreed to help me with flowers. The only thing that was not set was the cake (or, cupcake cake). That was settled up over spring break. During spring break, Jon and I found the place that we will be living. It was the first place we looked, the price was lower than advertised (yay!) and it is in a great location. After several weeks of working with the staff there (one of whom recognized us when we walked in that first day), our application went through and we signed our lease two weeks ago.

A lot of what has happened in the past few years people would call coincidence. I call it a God-thing. Things have just fallen into place in more ways than I have even mentioned here. It can only be described as a God-thing.

And in 45 days, Jon and I will begin this new adventure called “life”. I am so excited to see what else God has in store for us.