And the first real post will be pushing a product. Nice!

If you are a user of multiple computers, like myself, and you do about the same things on each of them you know the frustration of working on one computer only to find out that the file you need is on your other computer.

With my old MacBook, I used to have it setup that I could log in and file share between my iMac and my MacBook. However, that required both systems to be online and on the same network. Because of those issues, when I got my MacBook Pro last summer, I never set that up between the two computers.

Recently I began looking at online backup sites. Not just for the backup ability but for the ability to easily transfer files between computers. After looking at a few of them, I settled on Dropbox (referral link). Mainly because they gave you 2 GB of free storage space, something the other major ones I considered didn’t do. Turns out, Dropbox is even more of what I want than I realized.

When you install the Dropbox application on your computer, it creates a folder that automatically syncs in the background to the server whenever you modify files. It requires zero input from you on it. I can drop an image into it from the MacBook Pro and moments later it pops up in the folder on the iMac. Not only that, but I can access it from the website as well in case I’m on a computer at school and need a file. All of it was very easy to setup and configure through the installer and I had it setup and working underneath two or three minutes.

Overall, I’ve really liked it. I’ve already begun backing up some of the more important files that I need multiple computer access on to my Dropbox. If you follow that referral link and sign up, they will give both you and me an extra 250 MB of storage space. It’s like a win-win.