Preparing for a move

That’s what both Suzanne and I are doing these days. Suzanne got an email from her landlord about a month ago that she found someone willing to take over her lease, but that Suzanne would need to be out by May 1st. Obviously, with rent being fairly high this was a highly advantageous position for us as she could get out of three months worth of rent. That was well over $2,000 so it was pretty much a no brainer.

The original plan was to move the first two days of exams. The problem with this turned out to be that I have exams both days and would be unable to help move her or drive a moving truck back to Raleigh. So we went to the next available day, Good Friday. The original plan also had me coming back in May to move out of my apartment.

Well, cue about a week ago my mother emailed me suggesting that we move me out in the same truck if it all fits. After considering that thought, it made sense. If we can do it, it saves us $200. So in the last few days I’ve begun the task of packing up my apartment. And you never quite realize just how much junk you have until you try to move. I half wonder how most of this stuff ended up here.

As it sits right now, all my furniture is disassembled and about 90% of my stuff is packed up. It’s been a busy week as I had Information Systems and Marketing projects that needed to be completed this week. And now just the dishes that I am currently procrastinating on left by the sink and the clothes in the closet.

Tomorrow after my Information Systems class we will go and pick up the truck. Friday morning, hopefully with the help of Ben, Josh, and Luke Flood, we will be packing up the truck at Suzanne’s place and hopefully we will have the room to fit the majority, if not all of my stuff.

On a completely unrelated note, Suzanne had said that she loved the flowers that were out in front of the alumni center. So I took my new Nikon D40 and took a few shots. You can continue reading to see those pictures.

So without further adieu the four best images from the quick shoot. (The yellow one was my favorite of the four, though the first one is pretty good too)