What happened???

A week ago, I was in Boone. I was sleeping on an air mattress that had several holes in it and, even after duck taping half of it up, I still ended up on the floor within an hour. I had little to cook with and even fewer things to cook (aside from canned soup and Ramen, yum!). I was eating off of paper plates, out of plastic bowls and drinking from plastic cups. Plastic utensils were also involved. I had finished the last exam of my undergraduate career just 36 hours before.

Today, I am in Raleigh. I have a bed that I can sleep on. I have all the pots and pans that were packed up three weeks ago and were brought home, ready and waiting for me. My dishes and silverware are also available for use now. They have been cleaned and put away into the cabinet. I have officially graduated from Appalachian. And did I mention I moved into a new apartment? T’was fun on Monday.

A lot has changed in a week, and there a lot more changes to come. A week from now, I will have started back on my new work schedule: on-off-on-off-on-off-off-off-off. What I think is funny is that I will start back on Monday, have a shift and then immediately go on 4-day. I totally won’t complain…I just found it humorous. The way I see it, it’s to get my feet wet again in 24-hour shifts (love those, especially the nights — though, it’s not bad at all if you get to sleep all night….), give me a break to regain my bearings after a lovely shift and then dive back in completely. I will have 1 complete cycle and have the first day of the next cycle (Memorial Day — time-and-a-half!) before I am off for the wedding. After the wedding, it will be the last 2 days of the cycle, basically picking up in the cycle where I left off before the wedding. I think I can handle that.

Back to the apartment for a minute: I absolutely love where I live! When Jon and I figured out that, yep!, this is where we were going to live, I had already fallen in love with the complex. It’s a cute little thing, for sure. Our apartment has 2 bedrooms (or a bedroom and office, if you please), 2 lovely bathrooms (one even has a tub that’s big enough Jon could comfortably take a bath in if he wanted), and the standard living room, dining room and kitchen.

The kitchen is a little small for my liking, but it’s not permanent (and I still like it). I told Jon that when we buy a house, the kitchen and closet space are 2 very big selling factors for me. I’ll get my kitchen at some point. This one is definitely workable. Currently, the counter tops are cluttered with stuff as I try to figure out where to put it and what to get rid of. The living room is pretty complete. Nothing is just sitting around in there looking for a home, really. The bedroom still has a few boxes, though most are stuff into the closet (which is rather large…I did like that). The office. Oh, the office. Jon has pretty much got his desk set up and arranged how he wants it. I, on the other hand, have barely touched my desk. I have been trying to get the bedroom set up so that I feel like I could sleep in there without the fear of getting up in the middle of the night and tripping on something (and then I moved to the kitchen — if I have a place to sleep and my kitchen is complete, I’m in good shape). The office will likely be tackled today (or tomorrow if I get too busy in other things).

I have also planted some flowers in flower boxes that hang from our little porch railing. I like one better than the other, for sure, but they both still look pretty. I also managed to get 3 different herbs (sweet basil, Greek oregano and rosemary — my favorite!) and some colorful pots to plant them in (thank you, Michaels!). They are now planted and sitting on the ledge in from of the sink/the bar (that really isn’t a bar). Once Jon and I get the place presentable (yes, he’s been helping a lot! He got a lot done yesterday while I was at work all morning and has continued to help me when I need it. He’s the absolute best!), I will take some pictures and post them here for all to see!

So, as you can see, life has changed a lot within a week which sometimes catches me thinking “what happened?” or “what else is going to change?!” I still know that there are a lot of changes that will be happening over the next 23 days,  but I’m ready to tackle them and for the wedding to get here and for life to continue on once I marry Jon! Life, here I come!