Decisions, decisions

It’s spam the blog day here at Jon & Suze.

Today Matt Kenseth won the Top Gear 300 at Charlotte Motor Speedway, you can see his burnouts to the right. Last week, I declined to take advantage of two free tickets to the race, mainly because I didn’t feel like driving 3 hours to Charlotte, sitting in the sun for 3 hours and then driving 3 more hours home.

Well, then comes earlier this week when it’s announced that Matt Kenseth, my favorite race car driver, will be driving in place of Trevor Bayne this weekend at Charlotte. I considered going once again, but ultimately decided that Kenseth does poorly in races I attend and usually one of my least favorite drivers win.

I’ve been to four races in the last decade, all at Charlotte Motor Speedway. In 2001, Sterling Marlin won. Now I don’t have an opinion on Marlin, but he’s far from one of my favorites. In 2003, Tony Stewart went to victory lane. Stewart and Kenseth have often feuded on track early in their careers. In 2004, Jimmie Johnson won the race and I don’t think I need to really discuss my appreciation, yet dislike of the man known as “5 time.” Then last spring I got free tickets to the Nationwide race, rented a scanner and did the whole experience. Kyle Busch won.

And here I was turning down tickets to a race Matt Kenseth was going to win. This was my big chance! But, he probably would not have won had I been there. I tend to be a bit of bad luck for him.

Changing gears, if you go with my racing vocabulary, it feels a bit weird that the wedding is just 7 (almost 6) days away at this point. I sit in my bed at my parents house and it just doesn’t feel quite real yet that I’m not going to live here shortly. I’ve begun packing up my room. My closets are now pretty much all emptied and over there. Bookshelf half empty. Pictures off the wall. Not much left to pack up and move to the apartment, which already seems fairly full. I think my first couple weeks there will be spent sorting through stuff and optimizing our storage space in closets and the laundry room.

It’s exciting, scary, and weird all at the same time. Exciting because I know she’s the one. Scary because it’s the rest of my life that I’m promising away. Weird because it’s going to be a transition from son, that I’ve been for many years now, to husband, which will be completely new to me. But I’m ready. Can the wedding get here already?