Still here!

I promise I haven’t abandoned ship just yet. I finished up my work cycle on Wednesday (a relatively busy one) and am on 4-day break until Monday. That, of course, will be the last day that I work before the wedding……which is 1 week from today! I can’t really believe it just yet. People keep asking if I’m ready for everything and I think my face probably has said it all. I am ready to be married, yes. But I’m ready for the wedding to just get here and all of the stress that comes with it to go away.

I do believe this coming week will have few (if any) posts from me due to final wedding preparations. I’m currently working on one that I started a week ago so maybe I’ll get that finished up? The following week will mostly be spent on my honeymoon so, again, no posts are likely.

BUT….I shall return!

…one day.