I’m late to the party

It appears that my husband (woah…husband) has beat me to the punch with posting on here following our wedding last weekend. Guess I need to catch up!

Well, if you read his post, you know about the wedding and honeymoon, right? Right. So why am I posting……? Erm…

I know! To tell you about my favorite part of the whole “wedding weekend” that we experienced last weekend. We decided to go the “non-traditional” route with a few things, one of them is that we chose to see each other before the wedding (a big reason was so we could do some pictures). I arrived at the church at 10am after having my hair done by an exceptionally talented friend. I got dressed and was ready to get to see my groom. At 11am, our wedding director (also a dear friend of mine), came and got me and directed me down to the chapel where Jon was waiting. He had his back turned to me (per the director’s instructions) as I started to walk down the aisle to him. About halfway down, she told him that he could turn around. I don’t think I’ll ever forget how he looked at me then (not a whole lot different than he does normally…just that extra sparkle that someone gets when something surprises them [in a good way, of course]). I think those few precious minutes I got to spend with my soon-to-be husband were my favorite part of the entire day. Oh…and when our pastor presented us as the new couple…that was pretty good too. In fact, all of it was pretty good. Yep.

However, after the event was over, we were exhausted. After I managed to get out of my dress, un-do my hair (lots of pins and hairspray holding it together) and shower, I was in bed and alseep within 20 minutes. Jon wasn’t far behind. Who knew that an event like that would be that draining???

The next morning, we flew out to Buffalo-Niagara International Airport for our honeymoon. If you want to read the details of that, you can read Jon’s post. I will (at a later point) hopefully make a post about Canada. And how funny I found some things. Maybe. We’ll see if I remember.

Wednesday of this past week, we returned home. And we were glad to be back. We had about 36 hours to get settled here before I picked up in the middle of my work cycle. I got to miss out on day1…so it’s a short cycle for me. And that’s where I am today. Work. It’s the last day of the cycle…yay! This is actually the first Sunday that I’ve worked since 2008, the last time I was on a full-time schedule. I missed being at church today, that’s for sure. I have 2 more Sundays that I am on…and then 6 off! But, before I get to those 6 Sundays off, I get 4 days off beginning tomorrow. EMS certainly has a positive side. I’ll be glad to spend some time at home with my husband (still sounds weird…but in a good way!). However, I think he will miss having the bed all to himself at night. I came home yesterday morning to find him taking up the entire bed as he slept. It was kind of funny. We’ll see if he is doing it again when I get home in the morning.

For now, I should be productive…or something like that. Maybe goof off on the internet and wait for a call? As long as they all come before I go to bed, I’ll be happy. 🙂