Building Buffets

Since Suzanne and I first looked at this apartment we understood the fact that there was limited storage space in our kitchen. We figured it would be okay and then signed the lease. After we moved in and started getting kitchen items as wedding presents, we quickly realized that we needed something to use as storage for a lot of our serving accessories and smaller kitchen electrics. Cue the looking for a buffet for our dining room.

I looked at a few, varying in price from $350 to $600, and didn’t really find exactly what I wanted. That was a little bit of a problem. Many buffets that I saw were only 16-20 inches deep. Great, yes, but not as much storage space as we would like, especially when we would be spending a few hundred dollars on something. Might as well get exactly what we wanted. So I began looking at the options to build one.

After a Lowe’s trip last Saturday, I began pricing and thinking about different ways to build one that was exactly what we wanted. Ultimately I decided and since Lowe’s had a 20% off cabinetry over the July 4th weekend, we went in on Monday and bought a couple cabinets and some wood. Not to mention we had a 10% off an entire purchase card. So off to work I went.

Tuesday I finished assembling and building the unit. Wednesday I stained it. Thursday and Friday I put a coat of varnish on it. Today I went and finished it up, put the doors and drawers back on and in it and brought it home. Now, it sits in place. Some pictures after the jump.

In the end, I took a 36″ and an 18″ base kitchen cabinets and created a system of fastening them together. We used a stain grade pine panel as the top area, and I did some creative building inside the cabinets to be able to secure it from the bottom to hide the screws. At the end of it all, it cost us about $150 out of pocket. But that’s also after sales discounts and about $150 in Visa gift cards that we got from wedding related things. Not a bad investment. Of course, it took me a week and several hours of work.

I remember starting to build it and Suzanne goes, “It’s going to look so nice when it’s done.” My response was, “You obviously don’t know my record with wood working projects in my lifetime.” (I’m not a very handy person) But it turned out pretty well. Not bad for my first “handy man’ project as a husband, considering that I’d never stained a piece of wood before in my life.

This is the cabinet after I finished constructing it.

This is the cabinet after staining.

And then the finished product.

And with it all into place and moved in around.

It’s almost like it belongs and was something that was purchased. I’m very pleased with how it came out and there’s only one mistake I made that nobody will ever find unless I tell them about it! Hahaha! All that’s left is to develop a shelving system for the inside. Still brainstorming the best way to do that.