Thanksgiving Meal Food

Thanksgiving is a time for reflecting on reasons why you are thankful. It is also a time for eating…and for eating well.

This year, I had two fabulous meals. One was prepared by Jon’s mother and the other by my grandmother. After two days of stuffing myself and another day of eating leftovers, I am…well…stuffed. Here are some of the delicious goodies that Jon and I enjoyed at our feasts:

Turkey. Yum. What you would stereotypically consider the centerpiece of a Thanksgiving meal was served for both meals. As a child, I used to not like turkey. I think I finally figured out that I always thought it was too dry (and maybe it used to always be overcooked when I was little?). I have noticed a significant difference between the moisture content of the turkey that my grandmother cooks and the one my mother-in-law cooks. Both, however, are very moist…but my mother-in-law’s takes the cake in being the most moist. Absolutely delicious.
We also had a yummy honey-baked ham. That’s one of the key parts to the meal at my grandmother’s house. We grew up on those. Seeing as how I greatly disliked the turkey as a child, this was my saving grace for getting a meat in me during the Thanksgiving meal.

We had stuffing. I don’t like stuffing. At all. Never have. Jon does. So he ate that. He says that he has to eat lots of it when he can get it because his wife won’t cook it for him (sorry, honey, but you’re right…I won’t…I can’t defile my pans in such a manner).

We had potatoes galore! We had mashed potatoes (or creamed potatoes as some folks call them…weirdos) with gravy. We had mashed sweet potatoes (not quite sweet potato casserole…it was missing the marshmallow topping). And we had boiled potatoes. As much as I love potatoes, I was not even close to being potatoed-out. They were delicious and I want more of all of them. Please and thank you.

We had various salads (or what I might consider salads). We had a jello salad of sorts…something I had never had before. Jon’s mom made a package of jello and mixed in a cup of applesauce. It was interesting…but very good! Had a fruity jello salad at my grandmother’s (not sure what all is in there, to be honest…but it’s topped with marshmallows so you know it’s good!).

Had lots of delicious desserts:



Pecan chocolate chip pie








Chocolate pie







Pumpkin pie











These are a few of the foods that we enjoyed…only a select few…but certainly a few of my favorites…and even one of Jon’s. What was your favorite food that you enjoyed during your Thanksgiving meal?

(By the way, I take no credit for any of these pictures. [Thank you, Google!] I didn’t think to take any. Maybe I will at our Christmas meals.)