What day of the week is it?

To establish a patient’s mental status, we have a series of questions that we ask our patients. One of those questions is often “what day of the week is it?”

A simple question deserves a simple answer, right?


You see, my week is not like your week. My week is 9 days long. Let me explain. Here’s what your week probably looks like if you have a “typical” 9-5 job:

Here’s what my week looks like:

(Of course, it looks like that when I don’t have extra shifts or meetings or anything like that — and that, unfortunately, is rare.)

So, as you can see, this can pose a large problem. I have 2 extra days in my week and, often, when I ask my patients which day of the week it is, I have to stop and think twice about it before I can tell them if they have answered correctly. (Don’t even get me started about the “midnight switch.”)

Jon often jokes that he has now adjusted to the 9-day week since he really has nothing keeping him tied to a 7-day week. My schedule, as awkward and awful as it is, is the dominating schedule in the house…and so it’s what we’re both on. We’re waiting for the day he gets on a 7-day week and I’m still on this 9-day week and seeing how that meshes. (By the way, meshing a 7-day week and a 9-day week together into one schedule for a single person [i.e.: for me] doesn’t usually work too well…but I’m going to start attempting it come this spring!)

So…today’s…Thursday? …or Friday?