Fall wreath making

Over the past few weeks, I have been bitten by the craft bug in a serious way. And I love it! Not sure how Jon feels about it but I’m sure enjoying it…when I have time. Since I was pretty young, I’ve been one to draw and create…things. I won’t quite say “works of art” because many, if not all, I would cringe at these days. (And a lot of what I do these days I happen to cringe at. Those things will never show up here.)

I know this particular post is a bit late seeing as the season of fall will officially end in another 2 weeks (I’ve even got my Christmas music playing as I write this!) but I want to show off my creation that I happened to be pretty proud of.

When Jon and I moved into our apartment 6 months ago (can you believe we’ve been married 6 months?? Time really flies!), I wanted to do everything I could to make it ours without completely destroying the walls (I was very talented at that when I was younger — there’s a reason it took me nearly 8 years to repaint my bedroom…and all 8 of them were getting up the nerve to find all the holes and spackle them. It was a task, let me tell you.). So, once we got the inside unpacked, arranged and settled, it was fall. So, I decided that I was going to make a wreath to put on the door. And I did. Isn’t it just adorable on our front door?? Jon was even such a gem to go to Michaels (arguably one of my favorite stores, and certainly the only craft store I will go to…unless bulk fabric is needed…that’s the only thing they’re missing!) and help me get what I needed for it.

I love the detail that you see here with the berries. They are not the easiest thing to work with, I’ll go ahead and admit that, but it was well worth it. The trick was to get it untangled and then I was well on my way.

If you want to make one like this, or similar to it, I’ll share what I used and let your creativity run wild with it!

I started with an 18-inch grapevine wreath. I’m pretty particular about mine as I don’t like a lot of the extra “stuff” that can be in some of them. I just want the vines…no leaves (tends to get messy). However, pick whatever you like best. If there are too many leaves in there for your liking, go outside and brush it off or pick some of them out and you should be good to go. The berries are actually a garland (which is a blessing and a curse). If you go to Michaels, they call them “Ashland Berries” as a collective term for the collection (it’s a brand name). They have carried this brand for years so I don’t foresee them going anywhere anytime soon. There are a few different colors and styles so hold up on picking this until you decide what kind of flowers you want to use. For my flowers, I picked from the bushes (lots of flowers/blooms) rather than the stems (one or two flowers/blooms). It saves on cost and for what I was doing, it worked out just fine. Depending on your project, you may want to chose stems…but that is certainly up to you.

Most of the other things you are likely to have at home if you are into crafting at all: hot glue gun and extra glue sticks (those are very important), floral wire (silver works just fine) and wire cutters. For me, the hot glue was the primary means of securing the garland to the wreath. At points, the garland was being stubborn and having a mind of its own (imagine that) and I used the floral wire to secure those points).

When you’re putting it together, hold the wreath up and see what part looks best for the top. It sounds silly but do it. If you’re not used to working with grapevine wreaths, part of their charm is that each of them is a little different from the next which means that they are not all perfectly round. You will find that one way looks better for the top which will affect how you place your flowers. Next, start with the garland. Lay it all out before gluing anything down. Make sure it is how you like it. Apply glue liberally (I used lots — it dries clear so no one will notice) but use the floral wire if all else fails. When you are ready for your flowers, do the same thing, lay them out how and where you want them before gluing. These need lots of glue because you really can’t wire them in easily. (Kudos to you if you can.)

I didn’t think to take pictures along the way as I was crafting…and of course this was 3 months ago or so. This wreath has since found its way off the door and a Christmas wreath is now up there. But, maybe as you are looking for your Christmas crafts, you are finding some great fall stuff on clearance and you can snag it up and be prepared for fall early!