Winter wreath making

Winter is fast approaching, though looking outside around here you would call me a liar. We’ve had 70’s already this week and a high in the 60’s today. With the official start of winter only 2 weeks away, I figure that wintry wreaths are appropriate to have made by now. In fact, I made 2 and I have another one to make at some point! And I want to show them off to you.

I love making gifts for people. I think it’s far better than going out and buying something off the shelf, wrapping it up and saying “Here ya go! Happy birthday!” It shows greater thought and effort put into it…at least that’s how I look at it. So, when my dad’s mom and my mom’s mom had their birthdays last month, I made winter wreaths for both of them (I’m on a wreath kick here). They are similar in concept but are different. I think they turned out really well — I was quite pleased!

Here is the first one. The backdrop is a simple grapevine wreath, just as my fall wreath was — just spray painted! (And there is our beautiful front door who is always such a willing model! I can’t thank the door enough for participating in this post for me.) Pinterest, which I have mentioned in a previous post, is full of fabulous ideas…like spray painting grapevine wreaths. I had never thought of it but I LOVE how it turned out. And it’s perfect for a wintry wreath. (Jon was the bestest ever, by the way, because he was the one who spray painted it for me. I hate spray painting.) Then came the challenge: find wintry but not Christmassy pieces to adorn the beautifully painted wreath.

I found these beautiful bushes of red berries that had snow-like crystals on it. Perfect! Wintry…not Christmassy. But just a red wreath was not going to go far for me. Must find something else. On a mission, I ventured to the Christmas picks. You know, the aisle that has small pieces that you stick in your big evergreen wreath that has (you guessed it!) this pick-like thing on the end of it. I almost felt defeated walking over there. I was trying to avoid Christmas. I wanted WINTER.

However, I found what I was looking for. In this close up picture, you can see a glimpse of a snow-tip-dipped (I made that up) pine cone in the upper left corner and this bit of greenery that has some snow on its ends. It’s just what I was looking for. SNOW! I was so excited!

The biggest change to the second wreath was the addition of a beautiful (mildly) sparkly ribbon. (I loved the pattern on the ribbon and the bit of sparkle that it added. Just enough, I think. This wreath has the rest of the elements that the previous wreath did. I has a bit of a different arrangement on the wreath, but they’re all there: the crystal-covered berries, snow-tip-dipped pine cones and snowy greenery all set on a spray painted grapevine wreath.

If you are looking to something to hang on your door after Christmas is over and this interests you, here’s what you’re going to need and what you’ll need to do:

The grapevine wreath I used was 18-inches in diameter. We (the “royal we”, as Jon would call it — Jon sprayed them both — thanks, dear!!) used a white indoor-outdoor spray paint, but you could certainly use another color based on your color choices in accents (I plan to experiment with it come this spring and summer!). The ribbon that I chose was more understated so that I could let the bold red make its statement. Again, alter this based on whatever accents you may chose, or leave it off completely. The berries were part of a bush. For what you see on these wreaths, it took one bush to do each wreath. And then, of course, I dug through the Christmas picks to find my snow-covered gems: the pine cones and the greenery. To put this project together, I used only hot glue and fabric glue (for the ribbon — but you could just as easily have used hot glue, just be careful not to burn yourself please!).

I hope this can help keep your door looking warm and inviting throughout the cold winter ahead!