Cookie Scoop

Well, I thought I had posted an absolutely amazing recipe that I made for my wonderful friend’s bridal shower last fall…but apparently not. I shall share that recipe with you because, well, it was wonderful…and everyone loved it…and I think you will too!

Stemming from that recipe that you know nothing about…

When I found this recipe (it’s a cookie recipe, by the way), the wonderful lady who shared the recipe said the following: “Be forewarned, this recipe makes a ton of cookies! I didn’t count b/c I was too busy eating them as they came out of the oven (and also the batter is yummy), but seriously you can feed a small army with this recipe.

Well, the phrases “ton of cookies” and “feed a small army” did not deter me from conquering the recipe! …but only after I had found the right piece of equipment: the cookie scoop.

As someone who started her cooking life as a baker, I loved making all kinds of sweet treats as a kid. Cookies were no exception. As a kid, and even into adulthood, my method for “scooping” cookies onto the baking sheet would be to use 2 spoons. Unfortunately, I was never able to get two cookies that were the same size or even one cookie that was round! My somewhat OCD nature does not like this unevenness. The only way to do that was to use the make-and-break cookies. Not nearly as good as fresh and homemade cookies. Those are the best.

Enter the cookie scoop. Easy and simple to use. One-handed operation. And, they all look uniform! I can hear my OCD-ness singing the Hallelujah Chorus!

If you can operate one of those “fancy” ice cream scoops, you can operate this. In the store I purchased my cookie scoop, I even had to make a choice in the size I wanted. There were 3 options, each one yielding a different diameter cookie. I happened to choose the “medium” sized scoop which yields approximately 2 3/4″ cookies. Regardless of the scoop you choose, each cookie should come out relatively uniform.

If you like to bake cookies and are looking for a useful tool to add to your baking drawer (or maybe a gift for a young lady getting married soon?), I recommend a cookie scoop.

Look for the recipe that truly can feed a small army to come soon — and make sure you have your cookie scoop handy! (To tickle your taste buds, cream cheese and pumpkin are involved!)

  • Jon

    Anything that makes it easier for your wife to make you cookies is a good thing. 🙂