Michaels Rewards Program

First off, I might have to rename this blog as a “great find” because I think I’ve hit a jackpot.

I went to Michaels yesterday (one of my favorite stores of all time) to pick up a few things. When I went to check out, the cashier asked me if I had a “Michaels card.”

A what?

I had not heard of such a thing. And I, fortunately or not, visit this magical place often. He then handed me this:

How cool is that? Alright, here’s the run down of this awesome little thing:

First, on your first purchase after you activate the card, you get 20% off your entire purchase, including sale items which is kind of a big deal at Michaels (that doesn’t happen very often). I don’t know about you but I sure like saving money how ever I can.

You also get 20% off every year for your birthday. The website does not explain this very well but I assume it is not just on your birth-day. I assume that you have a few days, if not a week or two, to use this coupon. Again, another way to save on a purchase.

On top of that, for every $100 that you spend (cumulative, you don’t have to do it at once), you get $5 off.

If you decide that you want to take a class, you get $5 off the cost of a class.

There are members only specials, I assume like your VIC card or MVP card would work at the grocery stores.

If you make it to $250 cumulative spent, you achieve Gold Status. (Jon’s afraid it won’t take me long to get there — but hey, decorating the home with things I make is far less expensive than buying them pre-made!) As part of Gold Status, you will be invited to Gold Events and webcasts with celebrity hosts like Tim Holts and Crafty Chica (I’m getting all of this from the site…and I’m not a spokesperson for Michaels. But if they wanted to pay me to be one…). You will also get access to special events like their recent trip to the Martha Stewart Show. There are special sale hours (probably would be my favorite) as well as exclusive product giveaways.

I’m having trouble verifying this benefit but from what I have seen, it sounds like this might be one of them. (If anyone out there can confirm this one way or the other, I would appreciate it!) If this is true, it would be one of the best and most convenient things for me: your coupons are loaded onto the card for you. Do you ever forget to clip your coupons from the paper for the week or print them from your email? Okay, so you did that. I did too. But did you remember to bring them with you? Yep. I have that issue. Mine are usually left sitting on the printer. But you always have your wallet (or should if you’re going out shopping) so you’d have your Michaels Rewards card with you, just like you would your grocery savings card. So, if they are loaded onto the card, all you have to do is scan the card and the benefit of bringing the coupon is there for you! (I sure hope what I read has led me to the correct conclusion on this one! …and if not, I sure hope they make that change!!)

So, this program is relatively new. It appears to have started around May of 2011, so it’s not even a year old yet. That being the case, not all stores have the cards available to you yet. But, once you have your card, every store is accepting it. If you are interested in getting a card, here is an up-to-date list of all of the stores currently offering the Rewards cards. As I went looking through the list, not even all the stores in my area have them. We have two stores that are separated by about 3 or 4 miles: one has the cards right now and the other is not listed on Michaels’ master list. So, just because you see the majority in your area on the list having them, don’t assume “your” (I know us crafters get possessive of our craft store) store has them.

I think this program is a great thing! I’m excited about it, especially with as much time as I spend in that store. I’m excited to see what kind of “rewards” they share with us. Only time will tell — and I will be glad to test this one out!

  • Melradulescu

    I am researching some of the details of the Michael’s Rewards card and landed here on your blog.  I thought I would add what I figured out.  The card Only Holds Coupons/discounts related to the card itself…not your normal weekly coupons that are in the paper, internet or smartphones. You still have to print or save those to your phone.  It would be cool if you could have them on the card also, BUT it is only the ones like the $5 you accumulate or the 20% for birthdays and welcome, etc…only related to the card. Thought I would add and help out.  I am trying to find out if there is a way to see the expiration date of the card related discounts like birthday and welcome.  I’d like to know how long I have to spend them.  I havent’ gotten an answer yet. My birthday is this coming Saturday.  I need to know! 🙂

    Great post!
    Thank you!

    • Suzanne

      Hi! Thank you for your additional input. This is a great program for those of us who love to spend time at Michaels, isn’t it?

      I believe I have an answer to your question — but as I don’t have a current special coupon for myself, I’m not sure if the entire answer will be correct. So here goes:

      You should be notified via email through the Rewards program that you have a new reward placed on your card. (This all assumes that you have given them permission to send you emails — I doubt you will get a notice if you have asked to not receive any emails.) On this email, the expiration date is listed under the reward you have received. (To help you find these emails, all of mine have had the subject “Suzanne, your reward is here”.)

      The other way you should be able to see your rewards and (sometimes more importantly) expiration date is on michaelsrewardsmembers.com. This is the site that you went to register your card when you first received it (you can also change your email preferences here if you desire, among other things). Currently, I don’t have a reward waiting for me so I can’t tell you exactly where to look — but I imagine it would be on the main page and easy to find, likely where your “countdown” to your next reward normally is.

      Hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by — we hope you come back and visit!