Genius in the Kitchen

Okay, so perhaps I’m not exactly a genius — but I sure felt like it the other night!

Tomato basil soup has become a favorite around our house. It is such a simple meal to put together any night of the week. And it is absolutely delectable! Even my sweet husband, who doesn’t like tomatoes, enjoys this soup and goes back for seconds every time!

Unfortunately, one problem that I have run into every time that I have made the soup is exploding tomatoes. Let me explain.

If you recall, the recipe directions state to add the whole tomatoes one at a time, squeezing them into the pan and breaking them apart into smaller pieces. It’s the “squeezing” part that always gets me. Literally.

Each time that I had made this, I go to squeeze the whole tomatoes, being careful to hold it low in the pot as to not splash myself or anything else, and being wholly unsuccessful at this each time. I have had to change my shirt every time because it is covered in tomato juice, as well as clean the counter top and the utensil crock sitting on the counter as they are also covered in tomato juice and bits.

This last time, I thought I had come up with a solution: drain out all the juice from the can first and then carefully stab each of the tomatoes inside of the can with a knife to help with draining some of the remaining juice before going to tear it apart. It worked…better. But I still got sprayed. So I came up with a new plan of attack.

Enter the food processor.

(It’s so cute! How can anything so adorable pack such a powerful punch?? Anyway…)

I was able to pack the entire 28-ounce can inside of there (yes, I realize that if you read the recipe it says to use a single 14-ounce can…but we love the soup so much that I have started making double recipes) and chop everything to my heart’s content…without getting splattered with tomato juice. Hallelujah! As I figured this out, I decided to announce that I was a genius. Jon, who was sitting in the other room, overheard this and asked if I was being serious or sarcastic. I told him I was serious, and absolutely stoked about my new found use for the food processor!