Flowery Canvas

I know I am just getting around to posting some of my Christmas creations, and for that I apologize. But, I’m starting to catch up!

One of my crafty creations involves a few simple items to create a decorative wall hanging that can be made to suit any decor in your home.

Here you see the completed canvas art: flowers! Obviously, it is more of an abstract view of them but I certainly found it fun to make and a lovely way to decorate the walls of your home with something original.

In order to make some artwork of your own, here are the items you will need to collect from the craft store:

  • Canvas (choose your own size, I used 12×12)
  • Spray paint for the background (I used Krylon’s matte Ivory)
  • Acrylic paint, colors and number of your choosing (I used: Brick Red, Orange Spice, Mustard Yellow, Dark Blue, and Purple, all from Craft Smart)
  • Paint pen, color brown (I used Sharpie brand, medium point)
  • Round sponge stencils, in the size of your choice (I used 0.75″ size from Plaid. They also have a variety pack and a 1.25″ size pack. You can find these at your local craft store. These links are only to help you find what you are looking for.)

Take your canvas and spray it thoroughly and evenly with the spray paint you have chosen, ensuring that you have coated the sides as well. You may need to do 2 coats. Let this sit at least overnight so that the paint has set well.

Next, take your paint pen and draw your “branches” or “stems”. Get creative! You can leave lots of space like I did or you can make your marks more crowded together to get what I like to call the “meadow effect”. Make sure, however, that you stagger some of the heights of the ends of your “branches” or “stems” so that your flowers are all across the canvas. After you have completed the drawings, let it sit to dry thoroughly for 30 minutes-1 hour.

While the canvas is drying, you need to pick out the colors that you want to use for your flowers! I chose a set of more muted colors for a fall-ish look. I discovered the best way was to put a small blob of each color on a plastic plate and work from there.

Below are the sponge stencils that I used when making my art. It made the imperfectly-perfect round shape with that distinct sponge-like look. Does that make any sense? I think it offers the perfect abstract flower, particularly for those of us who are not really artists at all. When you go to the craft store, there are several different sizes available. For this project, I chose to use only the smallest size, 0.75″ (which came in a pack of 4). I did another canvas as my test project (which is not shown) that I used two different sizes of round sponge stencils. I liked the variability in sizes of the “flowers” in that project (though the rest really didn’t turn out well, thus it’s not shown). Don’t be afraid to experiment with sizes and see what you like! You don’t have to do all of one size if you don’t want to.

After you have your paint ready and your chosen sponge stencils, you are ready to begin! First, take your sponge stencil and dip it into the paint color of your choice. Be sure to dab some of the paint off so that it is not dripping with paint. (Don’t worry, if you need to, you can always go back over the area that has been stenciled.

Next, find where you want to start on your canvas. Place your sponge stencil down firmly, ensuring that you don’t twist (while enjoying your caffeine free Coca-Cola)…

…and lift away cleanly to reveal your beautiful flower!

This is the only picture that I took of the progress as I ended up getting so into it, I forgot! And it was really difficult to take pictures one-handed of yourself. So, this is the next picture I have to share with you:

One of the ways that I found to make sure I didn’t bunch up one color too much was to work with one color at a time. With this canvas, I started with the blue and stenciled my way around until I was happy with it and then picked up my next color. Each time, I tried to make sure that I left plenty of room for the remaining colors but being conscientious of the color groupings. Now, if you want your blues grouped together, that’s completely up to you. But my preference was to spread it out a bit. Of course, if two blues were next to each other, it wasn’t going to be the end of the world. I suppose I did make it a bit more complicated for myself when I chose to use a brownish/red and burnt orange color. Being that they were relatively similar, it made it a little more challenging to not bunch them up together too much.

It’s a relatively simple project that you can put together over the course of a few days, when you account for adequate drying time. It’s a great way to spend a little time for yourself enjoying a little crafting and beautifying your home. Make it your own art. Tailor it for your home by choosing colors to match. Fit the canvas to your space. Put your personality into it. And have some fun!

And don’t forget to let me know how it turns out!