Trying Something New

As you’ve probably noticed, consistency is certainly not one of our stronger points on this blog, at least with the timing of our posting. I’ve done a lot better over the last month because I’ve had fewer distractions without shifts getting in the way. Jon…well…he just likes to post on his St. Louis Cardinals blog, Redbird Dugout instead of here because he claims he has nothing interesting to post about (I highly disagree with him every single time that we discuss this issue, though…).

So, here’s what we’re going to try…or what I am going to try. My goal is to have a post up on Monday and Thursday mornings ready for your enjoyment. This will start next week because I gave you a good post yesterday on decorating your home with another Canvas Creation!

I’m only human so there are times when I’ll fall off the bandwagon for sure. And once I get back to work (which will hopefully be soon!!), we may be adjusting this a little bit. But for now, this is the goal. (And, every now and again, there may be an extra post for you to enjoy!)

So come back Monday looking for a tasty tidbit or a crafty creation! See you then!