Pretty in Pink

Spring is in the air! …most days, anyway (most will argue that today is on the verge of summer with a high in the mid-80’s — but that’s a story for another day). This has truly been an usual winter. I recently tweeted that this has been one of the strangest winters that I can recall in North Carolina. Within a week, we’ve seen 80 degree weather, freezing temperatures, tornadoes and snow…all in the Piedmont region of the state (I’m not even talking about the mountains!). I mean, we’ve yet to have a good, hard freeze (though we’ve seen a dusting of snow), which will wreak havoc come this summer with the bugs. We’ve been wearing short-sleeve t-shirts for most of this so-called “winter.”


I’m doing my part to encourage spring to come. I’ve made my spring wreath! And it now adorns our front door!

It’s so bright and cheery! I won’t lie, it makes me smile every time that I walk in the front door. And it was so simple to put together! All you need are a grapevine wreath, beautiful flowers of your choice and a hot glue gun. 3 simple supplies.

I picked a color palette of pinks and white. They are from the Ashland Bushes collection from Michaels (they may be at other craft stores but that’s just where I found them). I love how the colors work together. I simply pulled the blooms off from the stem and laid them out on the wreath to figure out how I wanted it to look when I was finished. Then, one-by-one, I took a bloom and placed a large amount of hot glue on the back and placed it back on the wreath. And this is the fabulous end-product! It decorates the door and is ready to welcome spring…whenever it comes and stays.