Life Lately

Lucky you! You get an extra post to read this week!

We…okay, I (Suzanne), post a lot. But all of the posts tell you about the delicious things that I love to cook and experiment with — and the projects that I work on and decorate our home with. If you follow either Jon or myself on Twitter, then you likely have a better handle on the happenings of our lives over the last few months — but not all of you do. So, here’s life lately:

Jon is working on his final internship with the MS Society as a graphic design intern. He’s been designing marketing material to promote different events coming up over the next few months, like Walk MS as well as designing some bicycling jerseys and t-shirts. And that’s just the first few weeks. He seems to be enjoying it (and tells me that he is). This internship is certainly giving him some great pieces to add to his portfolio — and will really add to the diversity of his work.

He is also preparing for the start of softball season. Jon plays on our church’s team with a local town’s church league along with his dad and brothers. Last Tuesday, practices began and the season will start in a couple of weeks! I know he’s looking forward to this season, as he does every season. I know I am, too. I enjoy going to watch the guys play and, most importantly, have fun.

Jon still runs a racing league on Friday nights — and enjoys his races. There’s something about racing in cars he’s designed and working strategy that intrigues him. More power to him. (Certainly not my cup of tea…)

As for me, I’m currently at home these days. Six weeks ago, I found myself on the wrong side of injury while I was at work. And have been off the truck since. Boredom is something that I’m working to fight — and I’m working hard at that some days. It’s given me more time to work on some new recipes and do some crafting. I’ve been filling my days with playing on Pinterest and going to physical therapy. (I much prefer the first of those two, just in case there was any question.)

So there’s an update on Jon and Suzanne. By far, Jon has more going on these days than me but hopefully that will equal back out here soon.

Thanks for catching up!