CDC’s New Smoking Cessation Ad Campaign

Cigarette smoking is, what I like to call, a disgusting habit. Smoking of any kind falls into that category. It stinks. If you smoke, you stink…far worse than you realize. You are affecting not only your health but the health of those around you. (One of my favorite things is when children are brought to the hospital as patients, their parents are asked if anyone in the home smokes. If they do, the common response is “yes, but we only smoke outside.” Fantastic. But you’re still bringing in the smell on your clothing. It’s still bad.)

The CDC, Center’s for Disease Control, began a new ad campaign in March in regard to smoking cessation that I think is more impactful, particularly on the younger generation, than any of the previous campaigns. Here’s why:

Most smoking campaigns have to do with death:

“This young man died as a result of a smoking-related disease.”

“This young woman died as a result of a smoking related disease.”

It’s usually young people who are portrayed in these pictures. They started smoking at a young age. Now, they have a family that is left behind because of their decision to smoke. While those smoking cessation campaigns are great, I don’t think that they get to the root of the issue for most young people, who are usually the target audience of these ad campaigns.

Most young people, particularly the teenagers and those in their 20’s, don’t see death as an issue. They see themselves as immortal, or at least don’t fear death. What they fear is mutilation, disfiguration and loss of control over their body.

This new campaign addresses specifically that. And I love that! It addresses the thing that people, particularly the younger population, actually fear. As far as they’re concerned, death is not the end of the world. Living, but becoming disabled, is.

Click through the links below. They will take you to YouTube videos of the CDC’s ads regarding this new campaign. See what you think and leave me your comments. I’m interested to hear your thoughts.

CDC: Tips from Former Smokers (Cessation Tips Ad)

CDC: Tips from Former Smokers (Anthem Ad)

CDC: Tips from Former Smokers (Jessica’s Asthma Ad)

CDC: Tips from Former Smokers (Roosevelt’s Ad)

CDC: Tips from Former Smokers (Terri’s Ad)

CDC: Tips from Former Smokers (Buerger’s Disease)

CDC: Tips from Former Smokers (Suzy’s Ad)