Someone’s Getting Older!

In honor of my sweet husband’s birthday, I feel like I should write about him today.

Niagara Falls, June 2011

Yep. That’s my guy. Ain’t he the most handsome guy you’ve ever seen? (Answer: yes!)

JC Raulston Arboretum, December 2011

Anyway, he’s been such a wonderful husband during our first 10 months and 1 week of marriage and I am amazed…and so thankful…every day that I get to call him my husband.

Jon’s birthday party in 2009

Jon is always willing to do whatever is needed to help me around the apartment, which has become an increasing list over the previous weeks as I have been dealing with my back injury. He is always willing to help clean, step in when needed to cook, clean up from dinner and even help me with my crafting projects! (And that’s the short list.) Here, you can see Jon spray painting a wreath for me for one of my upcoming projects:

Painting a wreath for his wife (he’s the best!)

Jon is a wonderful support for me, always caring and kind. And he’s never afraid to tell me or show me how much he loves me. He is a Godly leader in our home, and I love that about him. He has a sense of humor that few can appreciate or understand…and that is honestly sometimes annoying. But it’s Jon and I love that about him. And with that, he is able to make me laugh when I may not feel like it.

Jon and Suzanne setting up for the wedding

This is the first (of hopefully many) birthdays that I get to celebrate with Jon as his wife. And I am so excited to do so!

Jon’s favorite wedding day picture

I love you, sweetheart! Happy birthday! 🙂

Jon with that “I just got married” smile