Grassy Wreath

It’s beginning to look a lot like spring, everywhere you go…

The official start of spring was March 20 but for several weeks around North Carolina, we’ve felt like it’s already spring! Unfortunately, we feel like we’re well on our way to a very warm summer season. (I love the warm weather down here but 100 degree days are a little much for me…especially when I have to work out in it.) However, we’re not here to talk about summer. That doesn’t officially start until June 19. So we’re going to enjoy this spring season while we can.

To keep it looking like spring as long as possible, and make it bring and cheery, I have made a grassy wreath to decorate the inside of our home.

“A what?” you say.

A grassy wreath! No, I didn’t go out to a beautiful field of wildflowers and grass and pick some of each to make this wreath. (Though that would be an interesting thing to do.) Instead, I went to the craft store and bought a wreath, some ribbon, straight pins and yarn. And then came up with this:

It hangs on the wall between our dining room and living room — it’s been a bare wall since we moved in and now there’s finally something there to add a bit of color and interest! It is an inside wreath because of what it’s made of. I think it could probably stand up to the outside elements but it would probably not do quite as well as the wreath I currently have on the front door. Plus, we only have one door that can hang something and I like the wreath that’s currently out there. It’s something you could spend an afternoon doing or drag it out over a few days, doing a little here and a little there (that’s what I decided to do).

To complete this project, here are the things you will need to get:

  •  A green floral foam wreath (you know — the stuff that’s not easy to destroy) — I used a 14″
  • Fun fur, color green (meant to look like grass) — I needed 3 skeins for my wreath
  • Flower ribbon (you should be able to find this on the ribbon aisle — I found the white flowers with pink centers and white flowers with yellow centers at my craft store)
  • Straight pins to match the center color of your flower ribbon


Before you get started, you may want to unravel and untangle your yarn (wrapping it, of course, around something else — a rolled up piece of paper works well). If you’re not used to working with skeins of yarn, they are supposed to come out without difficulty and without knots. But that’s not always the case. So this step is up to you.

Next, take your wreath and fun fur and get to wrapping! Start by wrapping your fun fur loosely for a few turns:

Loosely wrap your Fun Fur around the wreath

And then gently push it all together so that the strands don’t overlap (if the fringes get covered up a little bit, it will be okay):

Gently push everything together without letting strands overlap

Now…keep doing that. If you look on your foam wreath, you will notice a “seam” of sorts. I suggest that you start there. It will be a lot easier because you can’t slide your loosely wrapped turns over that seam very well.

You have to get a little creative at the end. I had to wrap one turn at a time and snugly push it up against the previous loops. When I was all done, I fed the end underneath some loops and secured it that way. And this is your almost-finished product:

Completely wrapped in Fun Fur and ready for flowering

You’ll notice that at about the 10-11 o’clock range, there is a section that is not quite so fluffy. If you have a small section like that, don’t worry about that. This was where I ended the wrapping of my wreath, and that is why it is a little less fluffy. (If I had worked with it a little more, I think it would have worked out better.) But, the good news is that you can hide this very easily…and I’ll show you how shortly.

Now, let’s add some decoration to the wreath — some flowers, perhaps? Take your straight pin and stick it through the center of the flower. Ideally, the head of your straight pin will match in color to the center of your flower. It will help give it a little pop and extra color. (I’m sorry this is a little blurry — it was having difficulty focusing.)

Your pinned flower

Now, find where you want to put your flower in the wreath. You can have an idea of a pattern that you want to do for a layout…or just do it randomly. But where ever you decide to put it, place it into the foam…

Find the place you want the flower to be added

And then gently press your flower in until it is the desired height. (You can always adjust later if you don’t like it. I ended up doing that. I found that I wanted them to stand out just a bit so that I can really see them.)

Gently press the flower into the wreath until you achieve the desired placement
You can always adjust the flower height after it has been placed

And once you get them all placed, it’s time to hang it up. I recommend using a piece of ribbon in a complimentary color. I had some white satin left from our wedding that I decided to use, though I think if I had had some pink laying around, I would have chosen the pink to bring out the little bit of pink that I had used. But the white still works well. And this bit of ribbon can be used to hide that less-than-fluffy part of the wreath. Perfect, huh?

There are several ways that you can suspend your wreath by ribbon. The way I chose to do it was to, on the back, pin both tails with my straight pins. This way, it is a continuous loop from top to bottom. The ribbon is soft and flow-y as a result of the lack of stiff support from any wire.

You can also take both tails to the top and tie a pretty bow — if you’re good at that kind of thing. (I’m certainly not particularly skilled at that. But if you attempt it, you may want to ensure you have wired ribbon.)

You could also bring your ribbon down such that there is a bow tied at the wreath.

The possibilities are truly endless as to what you can do! This is meant to be a showcase of your creativity in your home — so show it off! Experiment and test your limits! See what you can create. You never know what you’ll be able to do next.

Your beautiful, flowery and grassy wreath

Let me know how it turns out for you!