Our Precious New Addition

Our family is no longer a family of 2. We are a family of 3 as of 2 1/2 weeks ago!

But before you start jumping to the ceiling for joy or get too excited, maybe I should explain who are new addition is. 🙂

Meet Marble:

He is our precious puppy that we adopted from the local SPCA. Here are his statistics:

Name: Marble
Gender: Male
Breed: Dachshund
Hair color: Reddish-brown
Hair length: Long (but he’s not a big shedder…hallelujah!)
Age: About 18 months
Weight: 12.5 pounds
Height: about 12 inches
Favorite treat: Pupperoni
Favorite thing to do: Be close to his peeps/go on long walks
Least favorite thing to do: Be left alone
Jon’s description of Marble: The perfect dog (if only we can get him house-broken)
Suzanne’s description of Marble: The sweetest puppy around

We have talked about getting a dog for months. Even before we got married, we were in the preliminary stages of discussing what we wanted to do about getting a dog. We both decided we wanted a smaller dog, especially because we live in an apartment. The problem is that smaller dogs are hard to come by at the SPCA…because everyone wants smaller dogs!

Every now and again, just for kicks, I get on the local SPCA website and look at the pictures of the adorable but oh-so-sad looking puppies they have ready for adoption. About 3 weeks ago, I hopped on and noticed that they had 3 Dachshunds up for adoption. They had apparently raided a puppy mill and had several Dachshunds, including about half a dozen more that were still under going treatment before they would be put up for adoption. One was an approximately 4-year-old female that we were originally interested in looking at. Unfortunately, by the time we got there the next day, she had been adopted. Another was an approximately 8-year-old female. When we arrived, she was already “under contract” with a family. But, there was one left without any notes on his room. And it was this beautiful puppy, an approximately 18 month old male.

He was in his own room by himself. He looked so lonely…but was so pretty. We asked the staff to let us see him and they brought him out and put him in a visitation room with us. There, we saw first hand how shy the little guy was. However, with all of the information that we were provided about his past, that came as no surprise. He let us pet him for a few seconds at a time and explored us a little bit. He was pretty frightened of the situation, but you could tell that everything frightened him. The door shutting frightened him. Walking through the hallway with other people and dogs barking through the glass at him was especially frightening to him. So we knew it wasn’t us. Throughout the time we spent with him that afternoon, he warmed up just a bit to where we could rub him a little longer and he would approach a little closer each time, not being as nervous with each time.

Laying in his favorite spot outside of his bed

After our visit, we decided that we wanted to pursue adoption. We went to the front desk to talk to them about this cute puppy and adoption. They informed us that another couple had put in an application that afternoon.

I was so upset.

There was nothing to indicate a potential pending adoption for this precious boy. So we visited…and fell in love with him. And now we might not be able to take him home?? 🙁

But, there was potentially a way that he would still be ours. They said that if he was still on the website at 6pm that night that he didn’t get adopted and we could come back the next day and fill out an application.

At 6pm, he was still on the website.

At 7pm, he was still on the website.

And for the next 12 hours, he was still on the website…and he remained there throughout the next day.

Jon and I came up with the plan for him to call the SPCA once they opened at 1pm to check the status of the puppy to see if it was worth it to come and fill out an application that evening. He tried for 2 hours after they opened and never got an answer on the phones. So, he took off at the time he normally gets off and went over there (partially because we were worried he wouldn’t be there when I got off at 5:15). And he was still there!

Jon filled out an application right then and there. And it was great timing too, because someone else came in looking for a Dachshund while he was filling out the application.

After Jon picked me up from work, we went to pick up our puppy. He was happy to come to his new home…that was easy to see.

Marble has become more and more at home each day. He has certainly come out of his shell. He is so friendly…to everyone and everything. He’s not afraid of any animal, no matter their size. He is willing to greet any person outside. He loves sleeping in his bed. He likes some toys, but loves toy bones. He loves to be close to people and follow you around. Be careful not to take any steps backwards — he’s likely to be right on your heals. If you leave, he’s sad. We’re working on a separation anxiety issue. He barks some then, but only seems to do it when we’re returning (never as we’re leaving). He never barks while we’re here. His favorite thing to do outside is to sit. He loves to find himself a spot in the grass and just take it all in and observe the world around him. Bath time is a fun and funny thing. But, what takes the cake is when he’s trying to dry off:

He seems to not be able to walk straight after a bath. He runs himself into the couch and runs along the side. Multiple times. He then proceeds to rub his head, face and body into the carpet. He then runs laps around the apartment. And then he shakes. He shakes like I have never seen another dog shake. And he shakes harder than I’ve ever seen another dog his size shake. He starts from his head and works his way down through his tail. And he shakes his rear end so hard that he takes several steps forward. It’s so funny!

He loves to look adorable

He’s an adorable and sweet boy. We are so happy with the newest addition to our family! I think we picked the perfect puppy for us and I can’t wait to see him come out of his shell even more.