One Year

A year ago, I married my best friend.

It has been a whirlwind of a year, to say the least. And really, the last year and a half has been crazy — starting with our engagement.

To catch you up, we got engaged on December 30, 2011. Jon proposed at Bond Park, a place that we would frequently go to walk and catch up with each other while we were dating. He then skipped town for the next week and went to Canada. Meanwhile, I had a chance to plan the wedding (which surprised Jon, and maybe scared him a bit — but not enough that he ran away).

Fast forward a few months, and Jon and I complete our final semester of on-campus requirements at Appalachian State and then moved back to the area that we called “home”. This was just a short month before we were to get married. During this month, we worked hard to set up what would become our home, where I lived for the 3 1/2 weeks before the wedding (so I could get things just how I liked them 😉 ). I started back on a full-time schedule with my EMS agency (which took some getting used to again). And, of course, dealt with a lot of last-minute wedding things.

And just 157 days after our engagement, Jon and I got all dolled up and said I do to each other.

This year has been an interesting year as we have settled into life. We have said to each other, multiple times, that we are still trying to figure out what our routine is going to be so we can get settled into it. Neither of us has kept a schedule consistent for long, or if we have, the other has changed theirs to make things challenging for setting up a routine. And we both like routine.

Even through all of that, we have enjoyed our first year of marriage. Jon has been an amazing support for me through everything that has happened the last few months, particularly thought my back injury. He’s always willing to help me complete what needs to be done around the house. And he tells me and, more importantly, shows me how much he loves me everyday. And I, for one, love my sweet husband even more today than when I married him a year ago.

I love you, sweetheart!


Pictures by Patsy Idol

  • Mike

    What a cute couple!!  Happy anniversary!