Year Old Wedding Cake

What comes to mind when you think of year old wedding cake?

Are these some of the terms that come to the forefront?  stale | freezer-burn | dry | inedible

What about these?  tasty | moist | delicious

Well, recently, Jon and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We enjoyed marking the event by having a delightful meal at home: pot roast with potatoes and carrots (and it was sooo good!). We also engaged in some traditions that are typically done on one’s first wedding anniversary.

We exchanged gifts, each giving each other something with paper — the “traditional” gift for the first anniversary. Jon gave me two books and I gave him pictures in a frame to take to work to adorn his desk (he’ll never be far from my watchful eye now — *evil laughter*…hehe).

The other tradition that some people like to follow is to eat the top tier of your wedding cake on your anniversary.

Our wedding cake, as seen the day of our wedding

Now, if you’re anything like me, all of the stories you have heard revolve around the thought that this is a terrible idea. People will tell you it’s not worth it to save your cake because it will be awful and you will simply end up throwing it out — so don’t waste your precious freezer space for a whole year (well, it wasn’t using my freezer space as it sat in my parents’ extra freezer, so it wasn’t bothering anyone).

The beautiful detail on our wedding cake

I couldn’t disagree more. And I think Jon would wholeheartedly agree with me.

Let me take a few steps back and explain my thoughts about the wedding cake in general…

Wedding cakes are silly. Only inasmuch as you eat a bite of a small slice — and that’s it (speaking as the bride and groom). And then you save it and (many people run into this issue…) try to eat it on your first anniversary but find it inedible. So what’s the point? I don’t mean that to say I want to see this tradition disappear at weddings. I certainly enjoy it.

On our wedding day, Jon and I cut a small slice and each enjoyed a small bite that we fed to each other (insert aww’s). My mom’s coworker actually baked and decorated the cake. It was absolutely delicious! (…and one of the three bites of food I had all day.)

Feeding Jon
Feeding Suzanne
Jon being silly

And then we enjoyed a bite of the groom’s cake that my maid of honor and I had made worked feverishly on two days earlier. (Everyone liked it — and Jon thought it was awesome, too!)


So, onto the point of this post — year old wedding cake.

I remember having a discussion with my mom before the wedding about how the top tier of their wedding cake was saved by dad’s parents. She noted how my grandmother wrapped up the cake so well that when they opened it for their first anniversary, it was still good! Mom said she would attempt to recreate the preservation that Grandma did for their wedding cake.

A few days before our anniversary, I collected the cake from my parents and begin to let it thaw out. After all, it had been in the freezer for a year. When I pulled it out of the grocery bags that it was wrapped it, I found even more layers surrounding our precious cake. From the inside working out, they wrapped the cake in several layers of wax paper (using tape to keep it together), wrapped several times around with saran wrap (making sure it’s nice and sealed) and finally topped with two pieces of aluminum foil that form an “X” and are then wrapped around to continue the sealing.

After unwrapping all of these layers, here’s what we found…

A year later…
Flat flowers

It looks a little worse for the wear. Flowers are a little squished and the cake itself is not sitting quite as tall due to slight smashing. But, I am happy to report that it tasted fantastic. And amazing. And just as good, if not better, than the day of our wedding! Plus, we each got to enjoy a whole piece. Each.

So, Mom and Dad, thanks for wrapping up our tier so well that it was amazingly edible and delicious for our first anniversary. And thank you for storing it for us all year in your freezer since our freezer space is so limited and such a precious commodity. Sharon, thank you for making such an awesome cake — we enjoyed it for our wedding (what we ate of it) and we were able to enjoy it a year later. And Grandma, thanks for preserving Mom and Dad’s cake so well and giving them ideas on how to keep ours preserved for us.

  • That is so awesome.  We were originally going to order a small duplicate of our wedding cake because we were told how disgusting our cake would be at one year old.  Well we thawed out our cake and our reception hall must have wrapped it so well for us that it was fantastic!  We really enjoyed it and still have more leftover for the next couple of days!  Thanks for sharing your story.  Keri