Summer Wreath

I can now say that I have a wreath for every season that I can use to adorn my front door and make it all pretty looking! My Christmas wreath works as a winter wreath…but I will certainly be looking to do a true winter wreath this year. However, that is not the point of this post! The point is to show you my newest creation!


Ain’t it purdy?

Yeah – I thought so. I think it’s fabulous for summer and I love how all the colors work together so well. Looks…well…great!

To make this fabulous wreath, here are the supplies you will need:

  • Grapevine wreath (pick a size that will look good on your door – I chose an 18” wreath)
  • Spray paint (Krylon’s satin finish Periwinkle was the color I chose)
  • Ribbon (yellow with white polka dots – so cute)
  • White flowers (I honestly couldn’t tell you what kind they are – but they have a fluffy and light feeling about them, not stiff or formal)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks

It’s easy to put it together. Here’s how:

First, you need a fabulous husband who will spray paint the wreath for you. If you don’t have that, I suppose you could find another way to do it – but it won’t turn out as well.

Be sure to spray the front, back and sides of the wreath and 2-3 light coats are best.

After it is good and dry (leave it at least 24 hours – I let mine sit for…several weeks, but only because of lack of time), prep your materials and let’s get to decorating! (I recommend laying down a layer of newspaper, particularly if the wreath is relatively freshly sprayed, so it doesn’t get any residue on your work surface. Plus, it will keep all of the bits that break off in one place. I didn’t have any so please ignore my bad example.)

Lay out your ribbon around the wreath. Wrap all the way around before cutting. Fix the ribbon to where you are comfortable with the looseness or tightness of it, and so it is consistent throughout. Glue down each loop in an inconspicuous place (sometimes, the glue will show through the ribbon a little bit – it’s best to try to glue it on the back and on the sides rather than on the front). Press and hold for about 20-30 seconds until set, being careful not to burn yourself. Complete this all the way around.

Take the heads of the flowers and pull them off from the stem. (It may require a little force, but they should come right off.) Lay out your flowers and determine where you want them to go on the wreath. Once you are satisfied with the placement, pull them out of the arrangement, one by one, and put a large glob of hot glue on the back. Quickly return it to the original location and press to put it in place. Hold for 10-15 seconds to allow it to set. Repeat this process with all of the remaining flowers.

When you have completed all of these steps, step back and admire your work – and go hang it on the door for everyone to enjoy!