New Vacuum Cleaner

I know, everyone’s going, “Holy crap! Suzanne actually has a husband! Jon is not just some made up person since he never posts on the blog.” But yes she does and yes, I don’t, but I’m hoping to get into doing it more regularly. Even if the posts are a bit more mundane.

Today Suzanne and I went and bought a vacuum cleaner. After looking to pretty much everything down the price range from Dyson to Shark to Bissell and so forth, we settled on this little number. It’s a Bissell PowerGlide Pet.

The vacuum cleaner that we had been using was an old one that my parents bought in the late-90s and gave to me when I moved out. It had issues and recently began filling the apartment with the lovely aroma of burning electronics when we vacuumed. So we decided it was time for a new one.

We looked at a lot. Because a vacuum cleaner is such an integral part of my wife’s life (just kidding! haha! ouch! quit hitting me Suze!) I don’t mind spending a good deal of money getting the right one. Dyson of course has the reputation. Shark has some really nice and really well reviewed vacuums. Suzanne wasn’t too keen on spending Dyson-type money on a vacuum. I had read some things about issues with the durability of some of the clips to keep the canister on the Shark we were looking at. So we settled on this one that also happened to be the cheapest of the bunch. Thanks to a 20% off coupon from Bed, Bath, and Beyond we got it for even less on top of that. (Which we promptly spent on new water bottles.)

So we get home, set it up and then I take to vacuuming the apartment.

Yeah. That was just the bedroom. We got a similar result from the office and probably half of that from the living room. I can’t imagine, or rather don’t want to imagine, what more a Dyson could have gotten out of the floor.

Needless to say that after one vacuum of the apartment we’re very pleased with that purchase. It has a crevice tool with an extension too. No more needing to get down on my hands and knees to vacuum the baseboard around the dog crate either. That’s nice.

The vacuum is also about half the weight of the old Kenmore one that we had too. With Suzanne’s back issues, that is definitely a positive there.

What does it say about me that I get this excited about vacuuming? Hah. Domesticated? Nah.