An Additional 20 More Signs You’re in EMS

I found a series of “Signs You’re in EMS” on several months ago. (Click here to see the first post and here to see the second.) I laughed hysterically when the first installment come out! I shared it with Jon and he certainly enjoyed it. The third installment has been posted to EMS1, and now I am going to share it with you. Enjoy!

  1. You’ve ever sat in an ER restroom, sewing the crotch of your uniform back together with a 4-0 prolene. (In case you don’t understand that, those are sutures — you know, what you use to sew a person up with.)
  2. You’ve ever blown the doors off a police cruiser, and gotten away with it.
  3. You have ever answered “10-4” when your significant other asks you to do something.
  4. When being driven somewhere by your significant other, you drive them crazy by yelling “clear right” at every intersection. (Been there, done that…and still do it. Poor Jon…bless his heart for putting up with it.)
  5. You refer to “frequent flyers” and are not talking about air travel.
  6. You believe EMS in general proves Murphy’s Law beyond a reasonable doubt.
  7. Your ambulance isn’t as well stocked as your personal vehicle. (I could have lived out of my car for days: food, clothes…just about everything I could need except a bathroom.)
  8. At any given moment, you have at least three forms of communication on you (i.e.: cell phone, pager, minitor, radio, etc…).
  9. You baste the holiday turkey by IM injection.
  10. You ignore what people say when it is needed and preceded by “I may be an ________” (insert Explorer, Observer, Probie, Basic, or Newbie as appropriate). (I don’t necessarily fall into that category. I may ignore as needed, but not based upon the title of my rider/partner.)
  11. Your idea of gambling is a blood alcohol level pool instead of a football pool.
  12. You have ever had a patient control his (or her) seizures when offered some food. (I’ll add, or something equally enticing — like, “I won’t put a needle in your neck to start your IV”.)
  13. You have ever had a patient look you straight in the eye and say “I have no idea how that got stuck in there.”
  14. You lay out your clothes from that day so if there is a call at night you can find them quickly. (For me, I never got undressed. I slept in full uniform…minus the boots.)
  15. When you always order fast food to go because if you order it for here, you will jinx it.
  16. The sickest patients live at the end of the hall furthest from the elevator and the heaviest patients live on the top floor of the walk-up. (Truth.)
  17. You have ever answered your phone at home with “station”.
  18. On some shifts, YOU are sicker than most of your patients.
  19. When you walk into a store and hear a high pitched beep and stand still waiting for the rest of the tone to go off. (I did that whether I was on or off duty. I still do that, and I’ve been off the truck for more than 6 months now!)
  20. When you know which gas stations don’t require you to make a purchase to use their bathroom, and inform dispatch that IS your posting location.


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