To Hold You Until…

Yes, I know, I have been absent from the blog for a few weeks. I can only apologize for that.

Things have been a little crazy around here lately (and I think that would be an understatement…). As a result, the blog has fallen to the bottom of the totem pole in responsibilities for me. There are other things that I have decided are much more important, like spending time with my fantastic husband, loving on the precious puppy, caring for our home and sleeping.

And no, I didn’t drop in today just to inform you of these things. I came to give you something that will hopefully hold you until I can finally catch my breath (it shouldn’t be too much longer). So, please enjoy some pictures of our adorable little puppy. (And I promise, I’ll be back soon!)

Laying on the floor, nice and relaxed
Hiding from the camera

I told Marble to look at me (while obviously holding the camera) and he did this. I think he didn’t want his picture taken…
Jon covered the pup up in his bed with his baby blanket (thanks Grandma and Grandpa!) — he loves that blanket!
Marble found a Jon-sock…in the office of all places
He really like likes socks, and sleeping beside our dirty laundry bins. We think he just wants to be close to our scent. (Of course, he prefers to be with us instead.)
“Stop taking my pictures, Mommy.”
A nice little pillow.
Relaxing by Daddy as he goofs off on the computer.
Daddy and Marble racing — I think Daddy is more excited than Marble…
Marble’s favorite place is to be at my feet, even when I’m cooking. He’s often in the way, but that’s right where he wants to be: where I know where he is.
Marble’s getting a haircut!
Half-way done in the hair-cut process. Not a happy puppy.
Marble post-haircut. He seems a little embarrassed. Don’t worry. It’s growing back!
He sleeps funny in his bed
Isn’t that the most precious face???


Until next time…Jon, Suze and Marble