A year ago today

Marble sleeps after checking out the entire apartment on his first day with us.

A year ago after having lunch with Suzanne’s grandmother, we decided to go visit a dog that we saw on the local SPCA shelter website. We’d talked about it the day before, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get a dog. This one, named Bonnie, was a four year old long haired dachshund. But when we got to the shelter, she was already gone.

They had another, they told us. The only one left at the shelter right now. It was a one and a half year old long haired dachshund named Marvel (who we later renamed Marble). They said he had another couple that put a 24 hour hold on him as they considered whether to get him or not. We decided to see him anyway.

So we asked to see him and they brought him to one of the rooms. He was really shy and seemed content to just sniff around the room, mostly ignoring us. He’d been a popular boy that day and was likely very exhausted from meeting new people. We wanted to put in an application to get him, but we had to play the waiting game.

We went home, hoping and praying that he would still be available the next day. After spending my Monday morning attempting to call the shelter and getting nobody on the phone to check if he was still there, I took off from my internship earlier than usual and ran over to the shelter. He was there and he didn’t have a hold on him anymore! I filled out the application, paid my money, but decided I’d wait until after I picked up Suzanne from work at 5 to come back and get him.

I went back to go check on him in the back and he was in his room all alone, napping on a towel on the middle of the floor. Little did he know just how much his life was going to change in the coming hours.

Despite his shyness, he is very curious, always wanting to check things out and sniff them.  Through the year he’s opened up quite bit to us. Every time I think, he’s about as opened up as I think he’s going to get, he opens up more. He took a lot longer to warm up to me, and still is much more loving with Suzanne than I, but he’s a great little pup. It took him a little while to warm up to toys until one weekend he seemed to realize that the toys were his to play with, and then he went wild with them.

He picked up pretty quickly that he wasn’t supposed to poop inside. But it took him a little longer to figure out that he was supposed to poop outside. I didn’t think I’d ever be happier about a dog going poop as I ever was when he finally did it on one of our walks.

I was worried about regretting having gotten a dog, but he’s been a wonderful addition to our lives. We often sit around going, “I wonder what we did before we got a dog.” I know the obvious answer, we were comfortable in our bed and I had an extra hour a day to work on things.

Little does he realize how much his life is going to change again in this next year. In a few weeks he’ll get his own backyard and in a few months he’ll have a little human running around trying to ride him like a horse. But he’ll take it well. He is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet and has quite the protective instincts.

And now some pictures from the last year:

Marble’s first bath.
He likes to sleep on his back.
He likes to sleep on his back.
Very much a lap dog.
Chillin’ between Jon and Suze.
Sporting his new Appalachian State collar.
Gotta make sure there’s no more presents!
Cuddlin’ with Suze
Hanging out with Jon after work.