Laundry Room Project

When Suzanne and I bought our new house, one of my largest complaints right off the bat was the laundry closet. First problem that I had with it is that it’s a closet off the dining area. Second problem is that there’s about an extra three feet of space to the right of the door. Originally my plan was to build a wall and put in a pantry closet with that space. Except for a pesky light switch that foiled that plan.

DSC_0388After living for a month with the closet arranged like the above picture, I decided I just couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to do something. But what.

After plenty of brain storming, I decided that we should put the dryer back in that empty space. That was something the previous owners had done. But instead of arranging the washer facing out, I’d turn it to face opposite so instead of a closet, I had a small room that had a small area to walk into. Then, I would remove the one big long shelf and put up a series of shelves on each side all the way up.

It was a brilliant plan. A Saturday evening is all it would take, I said to myself. Famous last words.

I pull out the washer and dryer. Heh, no problem there. By this point I am a pro at that. On to the long shelf which in itself comes down pretty quickly. The problem are the screws and wall anchors. You could try to unscrew the screws, but they wouldn’t screw out. So I had to yank them out which caused nice holes in my drywall. Suddenly my shelving installation was looking like a spackle, sand, paint, and install shelves project.

I managed to spackle the holes up, sand them down, and I had a nice can of white paint which I’d been using on the baby room project. So I painted the closet up and waited for it to dry. Sunday night I began to install the closet shelving. We chose the Rubbermaid Fasttrack system. It brought back my Target planogram team memories as I placed the shelves.

Overall, the system is good. It’s easily changeable based on what you do or don’t need. They do need to make the shelves easier to attach to the brackets that go into the tracks. It was very difficult to get them to insert correctly. That’s about my only complaint with the actual system.  And that was an adventure too. I purchased the wrong hardware kit for additional hardware which had these wall anchors that I have absolutely zero idea how they are supposed to work.

The second issue I had was that the dryer cord wasn’t long enough. A quick talk at Lowe’s with an employee and I was on my way home with a longer cord. Except it was a range cord, not a dryer cord. I gave up and ordered one I knew would be long enough off Amazon and got that in last night and today I got to bask in the finished project with my wife having filled the shelves with the rest of the laundry room stuff that had absorbed our kitchen table the last half week.

Here are some pictures.