My kitchen must haves – Part 2

What are you kitchen must haves?

You’re jumping into the middle of a 5-part series on what I need to work in my kitchen.

Visit part 1 with my cookie or ice cream scoop here.

Today’s must have:

Pizza cutter

How many of you have used a pizza cutter to cut a pizza? Yeah – I’m thinking that’s a resounding “yes” from anyone that has a pizza cutter. Granted, I have used mine for cutting up a pizza, but pizza is not a common dish in my house (much to my hubby’s disappointment at times, I’m sure).

See how neat the lines are?

However, he is a big fan of what I use my pizza cutter to cut: brownies! Yes…brownies.

I hate that as I cut my brownies with a knife (often still warm as I have no self-control when it comes to eating freshly baked brownies), there are little bits that get caught up and make my brownies look a mess.

I use my pizza cutter to cut my chocolate chip peanut butter bars, focaccia bread and dumpling noodles. It has so many uses aside from cutting pizza.

Check back for my other kitchen must haves!