My kitchen must haves – Part 3

What are you kitchen must haves?

You’re jumping into the middle of a 5-part series on what I need to work in my kitchen.

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Today’s must have:

Measuring cups

And not just any measuring cups. My measuring cups.

Measuring cupsOkay, so, I didn’t make these or even come up with the design – but I absolutely love my measuring cups that have a angled measurements. For the things that I do measure (which aren’t that many things…), I always hated leaning over, putting my torso parallel with the ground, looking up so my gaze was parallel to the floor and holding my jar/bottle/whatever above my head as I poured just so I could clearly see how much I was pouring. I hated that if I was too lazy to lean over, I would have to pick up the measuring cup and hold it at eye level to see how much was in there. But, let’s not mention the impossibility of getting an accurate measurement if I had liquid in the cup.

Measuring cupsSo, with these measuring cups, I can stand upright and easily and clearly see how much I have in my measuring cups. This has been phenomenal the last 18 months since I hurt my back and then being pregnant. (I mean, can you imagine me…8 1/2 months pregnant…bending over trying to see what’s in my measuring cup as I worked to prepare some freezer meals for post-Peanut without disturbing the liquid? I would never get back up!)