My kitchen must haves – Part 4

What are you kitchen must haves?

You’re jumping into the middle of a 5-part series on what I need to work in my kitchen.

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Today’s must have:

A good knife love a good kitchen knife. (They don’t much like me – but that’s not the point right now.) I love a sharp, good quality knife. It makes life much easier in the kitchen as I try to cut up…well…anything. From meat to potatoes to carrots to onions and more!

The knife that we have, that we absolutely love, was a gift from my uncle the first Christmas we were married. It’s a 7-inch Santoku knife from J.A. Henckels. The Santoku knife is a great general-purpose knife for any kitchen. The name refers to the three tasks it performs well: slicing, dicing and mincing.

Check back for my last kitchen must have!