Micah: 1 month

Mom, this is ridiculous. Everyone will think I'm cute.
Mom, this is ridiculous. Everyone will think I’m cute.

Length: 21.75 inches (as of our 2-week check up)

Weight: 8 pounds, 8 ounces (as of our 2-week check up, though I think we’re close to 10 pounds now)


Micah loves snuggle time with Mommy and Daddy. He loves taking his afternoon nap laying on Mommy’s chest. He loves to just be held. He prefers bouncing rather than swaying, though both at the same time works well.


Tummy time. He is not a fan of tummy time in the least. He also pitches a fit when you go to change him…until he has a clean diaper on and then he’s pretty happy (it’s fun to see that sudden realization that he’s all fresh and clean…and he can then proceed to do his business in the clean diaper…little booger). He started out not being a fan of the dogs (wet noses, whining/crying, licking) and they (really Marble) wasn’t a fan of him. The pups have learned that Micah is not a chew toy and is not able to be returned so they had better learn to like him. Marble is becoming more protective of him and is starting to like him, I think. And Micah is starting to like them more (he doesn’t burst into tears every time his toes are licked).

Little feet!
Little feet!


We have mostly good days; however, we are learning to be an independent sleeper during the day (he loves to fall asleep on Mommy or Daddy and snuggle). Nights are getting better and better. We have had nights with 6 to 8 hour stretches of sleep (for him, not Mommy). He does great sleeping in his crib, although he has become quite the acrobat in his swaddle – learning how to scoot and do 180-degree turns.


Micah’s always been good at eating. He loves eating. All the time. But what baby doesn’t love their mommy’s milk and the snuggles that come with it?

Such a cutie!
Such a cutie!


We don’t really play yet but he loves looking around and seeing what’s out there. He’s very inquisitive. I’m not sure what this means for the future, but I have a feeling it means I’m in for an adventure. I have a feeling that once we’re mobile (which we think he’ll be relatively early on that), we’re going to be in trouble!


We learned to roll over from our tummy to back (at 16 days old!). Mommy is not a fan. She’s worried of needing to do some serious childproofing very soon. (We’re also getting close from going from back to tummy – although he lacks the strong motivation that being on his tummy gives him.)