What are you thankful for?

Today is Thanksgiving Day. The day of the year that families get together, eat a big meal, watch some football, and take a nap. I mean, who wouldn’t want to celebrate such a day?

But the concept behind Thanksgiving is more than that. It’s to remember and think about what we’re thankful for. It’s so easy in our every day lives to be living so fast that we forget to be thankful for what we have. I see many of my friends doing the “month of thanks” on social networking, taking a post each day and talking about something they’re thankful for. I’m entirely sure I could come up with 30 things to be thankful for without getting overly corny and simplistic.

However thinking today about what I’m thankful for reminded me of a conversation that I had a couple weeks ago with my mom. I realized during that conversation that I really have everything I ever really wanted. You see, as long as I could really plan what I wanted to be, I really wanted to be a husband and a father. Being rich (though I certainly wouldn’t turn down the option) or having an important job really wasn’t the goal of my life. I wanted a job that would allow me the money and time to ensure that my family was taken care of and that I would be there when they needed me.

And I have that.

I have an amazing wife who makes me happy and constantly makes me strive to be a better husband with her selflessness as a wife and mother. She has been the anchor through the storms of life that have hit us in the four years of our relationship. We’ve been married a little more than two and a half years into our marriage and I love her more today than I did that day as I waited for her at the end of the aisle to take her as my wife.

We have a newborn son Micah, who I would already do anything for. He was healthy and happy when he was born and I praise God daily for that. I love talking to him and seeing him start to learn his way through this world, whether that be rolling over, standing up, or burping (he’s already a pro at that, by the way).

We have a couple rascally dogs that run around at our feet, Marble and Jax. As much as they are frustrating, it is a constant lesson in patience, but they’re cute and willing to unselfishly share their love. It’s been a couple months since we got Jax, but they have finally become accustomed to each other and have begun playing together. It is fun to watch and makes us smile. It brings joy to our lives.

We own a house that meets our needs. It’s not huge, but it fits us well. It’s in good shape and doesn’t need any major work. We have a bedroom, Micah has a bedroom, and we have a room for our office. There’s also plenty of yard for our puppies and, one day perhaps, Micah to roam around on.

And I have a job that provides enough money to care for my family. There may not be much to spare some months, but its better than being unemployed. There are some particular stresses to it, as there are with any job, but I enjoy what I do and I’m good at it.

So you see, it’s not every day you realize that at the age of 28, you have everything you ever really wanted. That is what I’m thankful for. Today and everyday.