Micah: 2 months

2 months!Length: 23.5 inches (69%)

Weight: 11 pounds, 5.5 ounces (38%)


Micah loves snuggling still (and Mommy is okay with that). He loves looking around and seeing what this world is all about. He’s very inquisitive and intrigued by many things. Right now, his fascination is with mirrors. Micah loves standing and pulling himself up by holding on to your fingers. He doesn’t have much balance yet, but he is strong enough to support his own weight without much difficulty. Micah is also quite the “talker” and loves carrying on a conversation in babbles.


He’s still not a fan of tummy time, but he puts up with it from time to time. Micah dislikes being alone. If you’re nearby, and he can hear you and see you (that last one is key), he’s usually a happy camper.

Telling me his life story
Telling me his life story


Micah does GREAT at night. He goes down about 8 pm and doesn’t usually wake up until about 4 am. He then gets a snack and goes back to sleep for another few hours. During the day, we have no schedule yet (but now that Mommy and Daddy are done with school for a few weeks, we’re going to start working on that).


Micah is a champion eater. Some days, I feel like all I do is feed him! Mommy’s milk is obviously doing him good as he is growing big and strong!

Looking at that handsome baby in the mirror
Looking at that handsome baby in the mirror


Micah is becoming more interactive with his environment. We are still not really grasping at toys purposefully but we are starting to think about it. He is fascinated with mirrors right now, especially the one hanging in the center of his play mat.


The little Bug has now rolled from his back to his tummy (has already been doing tummy to back like a champ). We’ve only seen this a handful of times, but this is likely because he realizes rolling in that direction gets him on his tummy…and he doesn’t like that.