2013 In Review

It has been a crazy year for the Dobles in 2013. If you’re looking for a list of major life stressors, we probably had you covered. A new job for Suzanne, buying a house, bringing in another dog, starting graduate school, and having a baby topped the list for the year. At the end of last year, I was working at Value Printing, Suzanne had just lost her job with Duke University, we had one dog, and lived in an apartment. If you ask Marble, life was just about perfect.

Suzanne found another – better – part time job with Wake Tech as a skills instructor in their EMS department. It wasn’t much regular work, but it is something she loves and has plenty of experience doing. It really is about the perfect job for her. She did take some time off this fall because of Micah, but she has plans to return.

I’m still working at Value Printing. However, I am now the Print & Design Services Manager, whatever that really means. For the most part it means that my job is to keep the office running smoothly, get the customers taken care of, and make sure jobs are getting out in a timely manner. Some days are easier than others, but I do love my job and what I do, even if there are a particular set of associated stresses that make it wish some days I didn’t work there. But I think everyone has those days at work.

Suzanne and I both started work this fall on our graduate degrees. Since I graduated (finally!) with my Bachelor’s degree, I’d been giving thought to going and getting my Masters of Business Administration. I took the approach of, “If not now, when?” So I jumped in with both feet. Mistake.

Suzanne also began work on her Masters in Counseling at the same time. She was a Psychology major in her undergraduate work, so she needs a grad degree to really do anything with it. This is where I get to brag on her. This fall she took 3 classes, gave birth to Micah, dealt with a newborn baby, and still managed to score three As. Micah’s Dad did not do nearly as well handling school and work, especially since once Micah came he was much more interested in holding his son than doing schoolwork. Who can blame him right? The kid is cute!

At the end of May Suzanne and I closed on our first home. It’s not a big one, but it’s got all the bedrooms we need and sits on a fenced half acre. That meant we could add another dog to the mix and we adopted Jax in July. She was about nine months old when we got her and she’s a mix with a little collie, a little shepherd, and a little greyhound in her. Over the last few weeks she and Marble and really begun playing with each other. It’s been fun to watch Marble open up with her.

The icing on the cake for the year was the biggest life change that happened on the evening of October 13, 2013. Micah Jonathan Doble was born and came happy and healthy (praise God!). He has already begun rolling over and babbling at us. We think that he’s starting to cut his first teeth too. Our first Christmas was probably the easiest we’ll have with him. Next year he’ll probably be getting into everything as he becomes mobile.

Going into next year we’ll both continue on with graduate school and I’ll be keeping my eyes open for a job opportunity that will allow me to use more of the business and marketing skills that I’m learning in school. It’s a tough situation out there for job hunters right now. Even when you find a job that perfectly fits your skillset, it’s hard to get noticed. But thankfully, I do have a job that pays the bills, that’s something many people can’t say these days.

All in all it has been a wild and eventful 2013 for us. As we say goodbye it makes me excited – and slightly terrified – at what 2014 will bring the Dobles.

Thanks for reading!