Micah: 3 months


Length: About 24.5 inches

Weight: About 12 pounds


Bug loves to talk! He’s babbling quite a bit lately, carrying on an entire conversation with Mommy or Daddy in those babbles. It’s really quite adorable. Micah loves smiling and giggling. Mommy plays the “I’m gonna get ya” game with him and he goes crazy for it. He loves to stand up while holding onto your fingers, although still won’t do it without Mommy or Daddy to pull up on. He doesn’t quite have the balance to stay upright, but that has significantly improved over the last month. Something that has not changed it how much of a snuggler he is. He loves to curl up with Mama and go to sleep. Micah has become much more interested in books during the last month. During the first 2 months, any books that were read to him were simply for the benefit of Mommy or Daddy – however, he has really become interested in the pretty pictures on the books (his favorites so far are The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Dr. Seuss’ ABC book). And he loves music being played or listening to Mommy’s singing. He has also discovered the TV. The colorful moving pictures are the most intriguing part of it, not the sound.


Micah is not a fan of being alone. He still prefers the closeness of Mommy or Daddy cuddles. Bath time is generally not enjoyed, but then again, who wants to get naked and be bathed in the kitchen? Not me.


Micah has been doing really well at night! Up until the last 4 nights, he has slept through the night every night since before Christmas. He was sleeping about 12 hours at night and it is a much needed break for Mommy because we do not sleep well during the day. (And, I think that this sleep thing will be fixed when our newest milestone resolves itself.) He prefers exceedingly short cat-naps which does not allow Mommy to get much done (thankfully, Daddy is very understanding of this).

He loves to smile!
He loves to smile!


Micah loves to eat – but what else would we expect out of a growing little boy?


Bug is learning to grasp things, which he has down pretty well – it’s the releasing of those things we’re working on. He loves looking at the toys on his car seat, and has fun batting at them.


Our sweet boy has cut his first tooth! We noticed it had broken through on New Year’s Eve. It’s crazy to see that he’s already got that! However, because of this teething thing we’ve got going on here, I think that has played into our lack of daytime sleeping and our clinginess to Mommy and Daddy. Even then, Bug has been a trooper through it all. I’m sure it’s tough feeling these new, and sometimes unpleasant and painful, sensations. He has done great with them, though, and I’m so proud of how well I think he’s tolerating it.