Micah: 4 months

4 months!Length: 25.5 inches

Weight: 13 pounds 11 ounces


Micah still loves Mommy. He loves to snuggle with her and would do it all day if he could! He does love Daddy and enjoys quality time with him every morning before Daddy leaves for work. (Micah’s favorite part of the day!). He loves smiling and laughing, the latter of which he does more frequently now. Micah loves bouncing and is really starting to enjoy his jumper. He is very intrigued by flashing lights on toys (maybe this means a career where he works in a vehicle with flashing lights – like police, fire, or EMS?). Micah enjoys looking at the world around him. He is really starting to notice things and wants to know what’s going on – so long as Mommy is close by.


Napping and getting licked all over by Marble are two of his dislikes. He’s certainly not afraid of the dogs, but they just love him a little too much sometimes. Marble goes after Micah’s feet and licks them as long as we let him. Micah isn’t too sure what to think about that. Jax comes and stiffs his face and then leaves him alone. Again, Micah isn’t too sure what to think about that.

Getting sassy for the camera
Getting sassy for the camera


Napping is not his strongest quality. However, he does *great* at night, still. Usually a solid 11 hours, which is phenomenal! As frustrating as it is that he is a horrible sleeper during the day, getting a full night of sleep is some consolation.


This boy loves to eat. He wants to grow up big and strong, and we’re on the right track so far!


He has started engaging with his toys more, looking and trying to grab. We’re still working on the coordination of these movements, but he is definitely learning very quickly!


Bug now has 2 teeth that have poked their way through and a few more that feel very close to doing so, as well. He’s going to have a mouth full of teeth by his first birthday if he’s not careful.

The happy little guy
The happy little guy