Micah: 5 months

DSC_1203Length: 26.5 inches

Weight: 14.5 pounds (about)


Bug is really learning to explore the world. He loves looking around at things and carefully investigating different objects, all from the security of Mommy and Daddy’s arms. About a month ago, we got a jumper for him and he loves it. We’re sure the timing is purely coincidental but he has blossomed in his abilities since we got it. Bug enjoys moving around in the jumper and playing with the various objects, like musical buttons and spinning musical notes, around him. He also enjoys sitting in his high chair and playing with toys on the tray in front of him. Instead of simply feeling the toys, he picks the up, engages with them, and overall is learning how to play with things instead of just looking at them. He’s also learning to explore our dogs. Not that he was ever afraid of them but he now is reaching out to them to touch and pet them. They return the favor by licking him up one side and down the other (a “puppy bath”).


Bug dislikes not being able to see at least Mommy or Daddy. Every now and again, he has an independent streak where he can play by himself for 15-20 minutes where he can’t see either of us directly, but that’s not too often.


While we struggled for the first 4 months in getting him to take a nap independently, the last few weeks have shown great progress. I can now put him down in his crib (awake) and he will usually talk to himself for a few minutes and then take a nap. We have a fairly consistent time of when he takes his nap (once a day – in the early afternoon) but we do not have a consistent length. Some days, he sleeps for 30 minutes and some days he wants to sleep for 2 hours (and is still asleep when I go to wake him up!). He still does well at night. In the last month, we’ve had a few mornings that started too early (like 4 or 5) but most nights he still sleeps about 11 or 12 hours. (Even as much as he is beginning to like sleeping in his crib during the day, he still would prefer Mommy or Daddy cuddles to being in the crib any day.)


Sometimes, we feel like all he wants to do is eat, but what can you expect from a growing boy? He loves his Mommy Milk and we see no end in sight to this (and Mommy, Daddy, and Bug are OK with that). 🙂

DSC_1250 (2)Playing

Bug’s coordination has picked up significantly over the last month. When he reaches for a toy, he rarely misses now. He loves his football. We keep it in the corner on the changing table and as soon as we put him down on the table, he reaches back for it and plays with it. Like I mentioned earlier, he’s learning to play with his toys and really interact with them instead of just looking at them. We have a wheel on his high chair tray that he loves spinning. What’s funny is that if Mommy or Daddy spins it, he usually reaches up to stop the wheel. Apparently, it’s his toy and not ours.


A milestone of sorts – we have stopped the swaddling at night. The little booger had been turning himself over onto his tummy while still in the swaddle. While we had little concern over that, as he has always been able to roll from his tummy to his back, we took it as a sign to stop swaddling all together. We were concerned with how this would go, as he is a very active sleeper (he’s never in the same position in the morning that we put him down in – and often he’s facing the complete opposite direction). However, he’s done great with the transition and Mommy is happy to not fight every night to get his arms contained in the swaddle.