Micah: 6 months

Big grin!Length: 27.5 inches

Weight: 14 pounds, 4 ounces 


This guy loves his puppies. He is amused highly by their playing, roughhousing, and general silliness. His favorite thing to do is sit in his jumper and watch Mommy or Daddy play with the puppies while he laughs hysterically. Bug loves his bedtime routine: Daddy comes home from work and they go play in his room before his bedtime meal. Mommy love the few minutes of freedom to get some work done around the house, but she loves listening to the giggles and chatter that comes from his room. Bug still loves his Mommy and Daddy. Snuggles are a must and cuddles are the best.


While he is still gaining independence, Bug wants Mommy or Daddy close by. Although Mommy may be preferred (after all, Mommy = food), Daddy will do in a pinch.

4-13-14 (69)Sleeping

Micah still sleeps straight through the night (hallelujah!) – however, we are still working on those daytime naps. He does not consistently take a nap, or even take one at a consistent time – all by his choosing. Bug is an independent, strong-willed child. But Mommy and Daddy are pretty strong-willed, too.


Sometimes, we feel like all he wants to do is eat, but what can you expect from a growing boy? He loves his Mommy Milk and we see no end in sight to this (and Mommy, Daddy, and Bug are OK with that). 🙂


This little guy loves to play with Daddy. He looks forward to that every night. He rolls around to get to the toys he wants and stretches to reach others. Bug is very determined to get to what he wants.


A milestone of sorts – Bug has officially entered the nursery at church. Yikes. We have attempted this for a few weeks, but so far have not have overwhelming success. It is a learning experience for Micah, as well as Mommy and Daddy. One day, he’ll do great. One day.

4-13-14 (99)