Micah: 8 months

6-13-14 (390)Length: 28.5 inches

Weight: 15 pounds (??)


This sweet little boy loves to smile at everyone. He is a huge flirt with the ladies, it does not matter whether that is at the grocery check out, the church nursery, or walking around the neighborhood. He is a flirt.

Micah also loves to giggle and watch his puppies. Jax is, by far, the most humorous to watch; Marble is the most fun to grab and hold onto. Both dogs are such good natured about Bug interacting with them, for which we are thankful.

6-13-14 (193) Aside from playing and observing his world, Bug’s favorite thing is to be close to Mommy or Daddy. Even though he may squirm, he often expresses displeasure if he is released from our grip. (He just can’t make up his mind.)


Naps. (We sound like a broken record, eh?) Yes, this is a work in progress.

6-13-14 (383)Milestones

We have had our first tastes of solid (…or mush) food! Our first sample was of bananas and that was a hit! Micah was grabbing the spoon and guiding it to his mouth. Since then, apples and peaches have been attempted with resounding success…and carrots have failed.