About Us

Our story is like that of most couples. Boy and girl meet. Girl is annoyed by boy (he’s kinda goofy, which is fine, but pretty sarcastic all.the.time.). Boy and girl become friends. Friends all say that boy and girl should get married…for years. Boy realizes he likes girl. Girl’s not interested. Girl becomes interested. Boy and girl start dating. Boy proposes to girl and tells her how much he loves her and that he wants to marry her. Girl says yes. Boy and girl plan wedding in 5 months during girl’s last semester of undergrad and boy’s last full-time and last on-campus semester. Boy and girl have a baby. Boy and girl get married and live happily ever after. (So far. It’s been 4 years. Though we fully expect to get 60 or 70 years out of this thing…or more!)

Typical, right?

Well, we met for the first time in January of 2005 at a gathering of friends that we have affectionately referred to over the years as the “homeschool group”. This group was made up of (at the time) current and former homeschoolers. Jon and Suzanne both fit into the “former” category, if for no other reason than we were both in college. Jon was in the middle of his sophomore year at Appalachian State and Suzanne had just finished high school (in 3.5 years…overachiever) and was starting her first semester at Campbell University. We quickly picked up each others’ names in conversation, but it took several weeks to get the official introduction. And a friendship began.

We saw each other often at these gatherings, as they occurred frequently on Friday nights in the basement of a friends’ grandparents’ house. (Sounds shady, eh?) Our friendship grew for a few years, and we always enjoyed getting to see each other and catch up on the others’ life. As it was, we were living 200 miles apart and didn’t see each other with great frequency. While neither of us had any immediate romantic interest in the other, our friends often poked and prodded at both of us, saying that the other would be a perfect match for us. Both of us shrugged it off, or laughed it off for a long time. And Suzanne had trouble seeing herself with someone who seemed to always be sarcastic and didn’t have a serious bone in him. As we realized later, that wasn’t the right time. And timing is everything.

Over the following years we remained friends, but drifted apart. Jon’s sarcastic sense of humor initially didn’t sit well with Suzanne and when she would shoot back at him, he figured it was all in good fun (later to find out it wasn’t always).

Jon returned home in December of 2005, deciding to leave Appalachian and take a pause in his collegiate career. He had no idea what he wanted to do for a living and Jon’s #1 interest, graphic design, had no interest to me as a career path as he feared turning it into work instead of fun. Meanwhile, Suzanne had left Campbell for Wake Tech where she completed her degree in Emergency Medical Science and became a paramedic. She was able to turn her passion of medicine and helping people (even if it is cliche) into an adrenaline-rushing career that she loved, and still loves today.

During this time, we drifted apart. In 2008, we hardly talked to each other.

Things started moving in late 2008 when Suzanne made a trip up to Appalachian to visit some friends. While she loved (and loves) working as a paramedic, she doesn’t think that the hours required by the job are that conducive to having a family. She was interested in completing a Bachelor’s degree to give her greater options. It was during this trip that she decided she wanted to finish that Bachelor’s degree at Appalachian.

Meanwhile, Jon had entered what he has termed “the wandering period” of his life. He began looking for another church and figuring out what he wanted to do. Ultimately, Jon decided to return to Wake Tech to finish his Associates degree and then transfer to Appalachian State to get into the Graphic Arts & Imaging Technology program.

Having not had a chance to talk to each other in a few months, we met again at the wedding of Steven & Dawn Thimsen, a couple of our close friends. We found out we were both planning to go up to Appalachian for school.

Over the summer of 2009 we sort of ‘fell in’ to dating. Jon liked Suzanne, but was under the impression she couldn’t stand him. When she had to go up to Boone in July of ’09 to sign her lease, she asked if he wanted to go with her. We survived the entire day without killing each other. (And Suzanne realized that he wasn’t sarcastic all the time. He actually could carry on a serious conversation…or a conversation that wasn’t necessarily serious, but one that wasn’t sarcastic.) That would be the first day of us sort of ‘falling’ into dating. That summer with the rest of our friends busy with school and their significant others, Suzanne and Jon started spending time together — going to movies and going bowling. We soon realized that we both liked each other. A lot.

She went up to Appalachian for the fall of 2009 and he joined her in the spring of 2010. It was amazing to see how everything worked together to allow that to happen. Things had to happen perfectly in order to get his credits approved and on-campus housing approved for a guy who essentially was a senior (by credits). Just before Christmas, we found out that Jon had been accepted but was still waiting to see if he could get a housing assignment. Just before the housing office closed for the New Year, Jon got a phone call letting him know that he had a housing assignment and would be going to Boone the next semester.

Jon and Suzanne certainly enjoyed each others’ company at Appalachian. Having not come in with the current freshman class, we both were at a significant disadvantage at finding friends. We both knew a few people from home who were up there — but not many. Having the company of your significant other was always a sweet blessing.

After nearly a year and half from that July day we went up to Boone together, Jon asked Suzanne to marry him on December 30, 2010, at Bond Park out by the lake or pond or whatever name that body of water carries. The next day, he flew out to Canada to visit family. And she still gives him a hard time about the fact that he skipped the country the next day — but he thankfully came back. What is always funny is looking back and remembering the surprise he experienced when seeing the amount of work his bride-to-be was accomplishing over the week that he was away. She was a busy little bee and had a {long} list of things to go over with him when he returned home.

Jon and Suzanne said “I do” on June 4, 2011, in the church that has become their home in the area where they have both spent the majority or, in Suzanne’s case, all of their lives.

Since then, Suzanne continued working as a paramedic for the local government and absolutely loved it. Shortly into 2012, she took a medical retirement and will not return to an ambulance again. She now gets to stay home with their adorable little boy – and loves every moment! (Or, most every moment.) Suzanne also recently completed (2015) her master’s degree in Human Services Counseling through Liberty University.

Jon now works for a printing/print broker company. A little bit of design, a little bit of customer service, a little bit of web stuff, a little bit of printing…basically, he does it all.

We added to our family in April of 2012 in the form of a beautiful (then) 18 month old, 12.5 pound Dachshund named Marble. He is the most precious thing you will ever see, so friendly to every person and curious about every furry creature he sees (regardless of their size — he has no fear, until they go to sniff him back). We are so excited to have rescued this sweet little boy this year and make him part of our family! He’s been a fabulous addition! (If you want to see the story of his entry to our family, you can read it here.) In June 2013, we added again to our family. We found a sweet (then) 8 month old collie-mix (probably shepherd and some grey hound mixed in there) that we brought home and named Jax. She is about 3 times Marble’s weight and towers over her – but they absolutely love each other! It has been neat to see how Jax has brought the puppy back out of Marble. She is such a sweetheart and loves to try to make friends with anyone who looks in her direction. (If you want to read the story of her entry to our family, you can find that here.)

Our newest addition is our little bug, Micah. He was born October 13, 2013. So far, it has been an adventure with this snuggle-bug and we are loving learning our new role as his parents. We are excited to see him grow! (If you want to read about his entry into the world, you can see that here (Jon’s perspective) and here (Suzanne’s perspective).


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