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Cutting the Cable

Last month – I had to double-check because I couldn’t believe it’d been that long – Suzanne and I officially cut the cable and turned in our cable box. No more movie package. No more DVR. No more hundreds of channels with barely anything worth watching. Done.

We’d talked about it for months. Probably longer. But we never really got serious about it. Then it came time to pay July’s cable bill and I was like, “I really wish I didn’t have to pay this bill.” At $160 for cable and Internet, it’d grown pretty large. Sure, I could have called and gotten them to move us to a new promotional plan, but that’s a hassle. I guess I’m the kind of customer they like.

I figured I could get away without cable pretty easily. Most of the time I’m watching a St. Louis Cardinals’ game on MLB.TV or using the computer in the evenings. Occasionally, I’ve even picked up a book in my recent efforts to make time for the things that I’ve often said I don’t have time for. And with football season around the corner, the majority of those are on broadcast television. I can also usually find an online stream with racing on it if I really want to get my racing fix.

So for me, I didn’t foresee it being a problem. But Suzanne is at home with Micah all day long. I know it’s an easy thing to watch to keep some level of sanity during the day, so I didn’t want to be the guy who took away an escape for her. And if I brought up the topic, I was afraid she’d just agree with me without really being totally for it. So I said, I’ll let her bring it up. Continue reading Cutting the Cable

Laundry Room Project

When Suzanne and I bought our new house, one of my largest complaints right off the bat was the laundry closet. First problem that I had with it is that it’s a closet off the dining area. Second problem is that there’s about an extra three feet of space to the right of the door. Originally my plan was to build a wall and put in a pantry closet with that space. Except for a pesky light switch that foiled that plan.

DSC_0388After living for a month with the closet arranged like the above picture, I decided I just couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to do something. But what.

After plenty of brain storming, I decided that we should put the dryer back in that empty space. That was something the previous owners had done. But instead of arranging the washer facing out, I’d turn it to face opposite so instead of a closet, I had a small room that had a small area to walk into. Then, I would remove the one big long shelf and put up a series of shelves on each side all the way up.

It was a brilliant plan. A Saturday evening is all it would take, I said to myself. Famous last words. Continue reading Laundry Room Project

New Vacuum Cleaner

I know, everyone’s going, “Holy crap! Suzanne actually has a husband! Jon is not just some made up person since he never posts on the blog.” But yes she does and yes, I don’t, but I’m hoping to get into doing it more regularly. Even if the posts are a bit more mundane.

Today Suzanne and I went and bought a vacuum cleaner. After looking to pretty much everything down the price range from Dyson to Shark to Bissell and so forth, we settled on this little number. It’s a Bissell PowerGlide Pet.

The vacuum cleaner that we had been using was an old one that my parents bought in the late-90s and gave to me when I moved out. It had issues and recently began filling the apartment with the lovely aroma of burning electronics when we vacuumed. So we decided it was time for a new one.

We looked at a lot. Because a vacuum cleaner is such an integral part of my wife’s life (just kidding! haha! ouch! quit hitting me Suze!) I don’t mind spending a good deal of money getting the right one. Dyson of course has the reputation. Shark has some really nice and really well reviewed vacuums. Suzanne wasn’t too keen on spending Dyson-type money on a vacuum. I had read some things about issues with the durability of some of the clips to keep the canister on the Shark we were looking at. So we settled on this one that also happened to be the cheapest of the bunch. Thanks to a 20% off coupon from Bed, Bath, and Beyond we got it for even less on top of that. (Which we promptly spent on new water bottles.) Continue reading New Vacuum Cleaner

Building Buffets

Since Suzanne and I first looked at this apartment we understood the fact that there was limited storage space in our kitchen. We figured it would be okay and then signed the lease. After we moved in and started getting kitchen items as wedding presents, we quickly realized that we needed something to use as storage for a lot of our serving accessories and smaller kitchen electrics. Cue the looking for a buffet for our dining room.

I looked at a few, varying in price from $350 to $600, and didn’t really find exactly what I wanted. That was a little bit of a problem. Many buffets that I saw were only 16-20 inches deep. Great, yes, but not as much storage space as we would like, especially when we would be spending a few hundred dollars on something. Might as well get exactly what we wanted. So I began looking at the options to build one.

After a Lowe’s trip last Saturday, I began pricing and thinking about different ways to build one that was exactly what we wanted. Ultimately I decided and since Lowe’s had a 20% off cabinetry over the July 4th weekend, we went in on Monday and bought a couple cabinets and some wood. Not to mention we had a 10% off an entire purchase card. So off to work I went.

Tuesday I finished assembling and building the unit. Wednesday I stained it. Thursday and Friday I put a coat of varnish on it. Today I went and finished it up, put the doors and drawers back on and in it and brought it home. Now, it sits in place. Some pictures after the jump.

Continue reading Building Buffets