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Micah: 10 months

8-13-14 (40) Length:  29 inches

Weight: ~15.5 pounds 


The little Bug loves moving. All.the.time. He cannot sit still and I am exhausted trying to keep up with him all day (I know…I know…”just wait until he’s walking”). Speaking of that…he is so close to walking independently. He will walk while we are holding his hands/arms with no issue but he still does not walk with his walker or along furniture. We think it is a confidence issue and a weight distribution issue (too tall and skinny…lol). However, we think he will get it very soon. There is little doubt in our minds. When he does, there will be no stopping him. Continue reading Micah: 10 months

Micah: 9 months

Mom, this is boring. Are we done yet?
Mom, this is boring. Are we done yet?

Length:  28.75 inches

Weight: ~15 pounds  Likes Moving and grooving! The Bug is on the move! While he has mastered moving around by rolling and army crawling for several months now, he has picked up a lot of speed. He is across the room in 10 seconds or less. No longer are the days that we can set him down long enough to switch a load of laundry and come back to find him in the same place. He is also a fan of the solids we have been trying. Although he has not been too adventuresome, he has enjoyed most of what he has tried. Our new food is yogurt – and that, I do believe, has been the biggest hit of all of the foods. Continue reading Micah: 9 months

Micah: 8 months

6-13-14 (390)Length: 28.5 inches

Weight: 15 pounds (??)


This sweet little boy loves to smile at everyone. He is a huge flirt with the ladies, it does not matter whether that is at the grocery check out, the church nursery, or walking around the neighborhood. He is a flirt.

Micah also loves to giggle and watch his puppies. Jax is, by far, the most humorous to watch; Marble is the most fun to grab and hold onto. Both dogs are such good natured about Bug interacting with them, for which we are thankful. Continue reading Micah: 8 months

Micah: 7 months

More interested in the bear than looking at the camera - on a side note, he is the same size as the bear!
More interested in the bear than looking at the camera – on a side note, he is the same size as the bear!

Length: 28 inches

Weight: 15 pounds (??)


Bug loves observing his world. He enjoys looking at everything and refuses to simply kick back and watch things go by him. He loves riding in the cart at stores but struggles to enjoy facing backwards, and is most often twisting himself so he can see where he is going (when facing backwards, the view doesn’t change much as all he sees are Mommy or Daddy). This little guy is such a flirt, too. He loves grinning and talking to all of the ladies he encounters (we’re going to have to watch out for him as he gets older…..). Continue reading Micah: 7 months

Most useful baby items

I may not know many things about raising a child, but in my short three and a half months as a new mom, I have learned what some of the most useful baby items are. I want to share these items with you in order to make your life easier as a new parent.

For Out and About

Stroller frameFirst and foremost, I must say that this is the best and most used item that we have received: a stroller frame. This is a lightweight stroller that a car seat can click into. In order for it to be used and must have the car seat, unlike the traditional stroller that comes as part of a travel system. Many of these stroller frames have a basket beneath the car seat to carry your belongings, and some even have cup holders to carry a drink (obviously, specifications vary depending on the brand). These frames are very lightweight and easy to stowaway in your trunk without killing yourself. The frame that I use, is about 10 pounds. The stroller that came with my travel system, weighs about 20 pounds. And that is a big difference, especially if you are in and out of the car multiple times with the baby. For someone who has trouble carrying the car seat, this is a huge help. Aside from being lightweight the frame also folds up smaller than the travel system stroller. If you have a small trunk like me, this is very important. Continue reading Most useful baby items

Micah: 3 months


Length: About 24.5 inches

Weight: About 12 pounds


Bug loves to talk! He’s babbling quite a bit lately, carrying on an entire conversation with Mommy or Daddy in those babbles. It’s really quite adorable. Micah loves smiling and giggling. Mommy plays the “I’m gonna get ya” game with him and he goes crazy for it. He loves to stand up while holding onto your fingers, although still won’t do it without Mommy or Daddy to pull up on. He doesn’t quite have the balance to stay upright, but that has significantly improved over the last month. Something that has not changed it how much of a snuggler he is. He loves to curl up with Mama and go to sleep. Micah has become much more interested in books during the last month. During the first 2 months, any books that were read to him were simply for the benefit of Mommy or Daddy – however, he has really become interested in the pretty pictures on the books (his favorites so far are The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Dr. Seuss’ ABC book). And he loves music being played or listening to Mommy’s singing. He has also discovered the TV. The colorful moving pictures are the most intriguing part of it, not the sound. Continue reading Micah: 3 months

Micah: 2 months

2 months!Length: 23.5 inches (69%)

Weight: 11 pounds, 5.5 ounces (38%)


Micah loves snuggling still (and Mommy is okay with that). He loves looking around and seeing what this world is all about. He’s very inquisitive and intrigued by many things. Right now, his fascination is with mirrors. Micah loves standing and pulling himself up by holding on to your fingers. He doesn’t have much balance yet, but he is strong enough to support his own weight without much difficulty. Micah is also quite the “talker” and loves carrying on a conversation in babbles.


He’s still not a fan of tummy time, but he puts up with it from time to time. Micah dislikes being alone. If you’re nearby, and he can hear you and see you (that last one is key), he’s usually a happy camper. Continue reading Micah: 2 months