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Wooden Growth Ruler

Kids grow so darn fast, don’t they? Our little guy is only 2 but he’s already over 3 feet tall and continuing up the ladder quickly. Pretty soon, I’ll be looking up to him (he just better remember who carried him for 9 months, birthed him, and then carried him for even longer than 9 months!).

I can easily recall his birth statistics. 8 pounds, 9 ounces, and 21.5 inches long. But as he is getting older (and taller), I love having something tangible to compare that length to. And I love being able to see how he grows through the years. And, Lord willing, should we add to our family, I would love to see how all of our children grow throughout the years. Should we ever move, I also want a way to take those memories with us, rather than leave them behind on a door frame or a wall.

I have seen growth rulers in stores costing upwards of $100 (and that’s the least expensive I’ve seen…yikes!) and these projects are plentiful on Pinterest (a dangerous but oh-so-fun hole that I can get lost in for hours!). Putting together what I’ve seen in these various places and mixing in my own ideas, I came up with my very own growth ruler. I’m going to share with you the first way that I did this project and then I will share a few variations I have done or that you can incorporate into making your very own growth ruler.

Before we begin, we need to gather all the supplies we’re going to need. Some of these you may have around your house if you’re a crafter, DIY-er, or if you (or your husband) enjoy woodworking. But you will more than likely still need to make a trip to your local home improvement store and your local craft store for a few items. Continue reading Wooden Growth Ruler

Ribbon-Wrapped Glass Blocks

I realized this craft appears to be rather Christmas-y. And, it is. You’ve done well, my friend, in noticing that!

Yes, I do realize that it’s summer. And, I know it’s a little late to be posting about this. BUT…it’s never to early to start planning for what you want to do next year for decorating your home for Christmas or homemade gifts you may want to make and give! (I know it always sneaks up on me…does it you?) And if you happen to have bought Christmas ribbon on clearance, you can go ahead and at least get started on the bow-making process. Finding the lights may be more challenging — but Krafty blocks can be found year-round at Michaels craft store. Of that I am sure.

This craft is rather easy to make — the most challenging part is making the bow…and cleaning up all of the glitter if you choose a glittered ribbon. Once it’s complete, it’s a beautiful way to adorn your home. Perhaps at an entryway, on a buffet table or even on the bathroom counter (it looks gorgeous as the light reflects off the mirror!). Continue reading Ribbon-Wrapped Glass Blocks

Grassy Wreath

It’s beginning to look a lot like spring, everywhere you go…

The official start of spring was March 20 but for several weeks around North Carolina, we’ve felt like it’s already spring! Unfortunately, we feel like we’re well on our way to a very warm summer season. (I love the warm weather down here but 100 degree days are a little much for me…especially when I have to work out in it.) However, we’re not here to talk about summer. That doesn’t officially start until June 19. So we’re going to enjoy this spring season while we can.

To keep it looking like spring as long as possible, and make it bring and cheery, I have made a grassy wreath to decorate the inside of our home.

“A what?” you say.

A grassy wreath! No, I didn’t go out to a beautiful field of wildflowers and grass and pick some of each to make this wreath. (Though that would be an interesting thing to do.) Instead, I went to the craft store and bought a wreath, some ribbon, straight pins and yarn. And then came up with this:

It hangs on the wall between our dining room and living room — it’s been a bare wall since we moved in and now there’s finally something there to add a bit of color and interest! It is an inside wreath because of what it’s made of. I think it could probably stand up to the outside elements but it would probably not do quite as well as the wreath I currently have on the front door. Plus, we only have one door that can hang something and I like the wreath that’s currently out there. It’s something you could spend an afternoon doing or drag it out over a few days, doing a little here and a little there (that’s what I decided to do). Continue reading Grassy Wreath

Pretty in Pink

Spring is in the air! …most days, anyway (most will argue that today is on the verge of summer with a high in the mid-80’s — but that’s a story for another day). This has truly been an usual winter. I recently tweeted that this has been one of the strangest winters that I can recall in North Carolina. Within a week, we’ve seen 80 degree weather, freezing temperatures, tornadoes and snow…all in the Piedmont region of the state (I’m not even talking about the mountains!). I mean, we’ve yet to have a good, hard freeze (though we’ve seen a dusting of snow), which will wreak havoc come this summer with the bugs. We’ve been wearing short-sleeve t-shirts for most of this so-called “winter.”


I’m doing my part to encourage spring to come. I’ve made my spring wreath! And it now adorns our front door!

It’s so bright and cheery! I won’t lie, it makes me smile every time that I walk in the front door. And it was so simple to put together! All you need are a grapevine wreath, beautiful flowers of your choice and a hot glue gun. 3 simple supplies. Continue reading Pretty in Pink

Flowery Canvas

I know I am just getting around to posting some of my Christmas creations, and for that I apologize. But, I’m starting to catch up!

One of my crafty creations involves a few simple items to create a decorative wall hanging that can be made to suit any decor in your home.

Here you see the completed canvas art: flowers! Obviously, it is more of an abstract view of them but I certainly found it fun to make and a lovely way to decorate the walls of your home with something original.

In order to make some artwork of your own, here are the items you will need to collect from the craft store: Continue reading Flowery Canvas

My Little Xyron

I bought myself a new toy last weekend and I’ve already had some fun with it. (Thankfully, most of my “toys” aren’t too expensive, unlike Jon’s “toys”. :-P)

In case you aren’t familiar with the Xyron, it’s a sticker maker. That’s the basic principle behind all of their models. As you get the higher-end models, they can do a bit more, and you also have a larger working space. Here’s mine…

Isn’t it cute?? This model, the XRN150 of the Create-a-Sticker family, provides you with a 1.5 inch working space. For this particular product, there are two different cartridges that are available, each at a length of 20 feet. Each applies a different type of stickiness to your object: permanent or repositionable. As you can see in the picture, in the center of the “X”, there is a place for the cartridge to show through which lets you know which one you are using. The one currently in the Xryon in this picture is a permanent cartridge. Continue reading My Little Xyron

Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub

(I can hear the Hallelujah Chorus now — it’s NOT a recipe!)

I hate rough hands. Unfortunately, because of work and the constant need to wash my hands, they are chronically rough. I try to use lots of lotion, particularly while at work, to attempt to combat this issue but it only does okay…and just for a little while. Mom, having worked in healthcare her entire career as well, also has issues with this, and has for as long as I can remember. Winter only exacerbates the issue. Yay cold weather.

A little while before Christmas, I found a recipe of sorts for a homemade hand scrub. I was able to whip it up with ingredients I had around the house and dress it up in a mason jar (those things are so versatile!) with some ribbon and a pretty label that Jon designed for me.

The scrub softens up your hands and just makes them feel amazing! There’s wonderful lemon scent that is so refreshing about it, as well. Aside from just softening up your rough “healthcare” hands, it is great for crafters (like me) who sometimes find their hands covered in paint or glue. This scrub, when rubbed on your hands, can wash away the evidence of your craftiness. (Shh…no one has to know what you were doing.) Continue reading Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub

Michaels Rewards Program

First off, I might have to rename this blog as a “great find” because I think I’ve hit a jackpot.

I went to Michaels yesterday (one of my favorite stores of all time) to pick up a few things. When I went to check out, the cashier asked me if I had a “Michaels card.”

A what?

I had not heard of such a thing. And I, fortunately or not, visit this magical place often. He then handed me this:

Continue reading Michaels Rewards Program

Christmas wreath

With Christmas just around the corner (only 17 shopping days left!), I figured that I should probably show you the glittery wreath that adorns our front door…at least until Jon decides to take it down.

As you can see, I chose a simple color scheme of blue and silver set against the evergreen wreath. You may recognize the ribbon in the background as being used in the two wintry wreaths that I created last month (but finally got a post up about yesterday…oops). With all the glitter that comes from the picks used in the wreath, a more simple ribbon was absolutely needed (but the touch of glitter certainly helps to tie it all in). Continue reading Christmas wreath